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28 ft/lbs with a 7.4 grain pellet @ 1310 fps
.177 Evanix Conquest Semi-Auto PCP
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Do you hunt? This will be your go-to rifle if you do. Imagine going out to hunt & not having to carry a pump, scuba tank or buddy bottle. You'll have up to 55 useful shots from the 400cc reservoir.

The Evanix Conquest air rifle has a thumbhole stock with checkered pistol grip that has finger grooves for more control. Don't limit this air gun's use to just hunting...shoot spinners, plink and pop some paper targets with it. It's an all-round gun that delivers amazing and stunning knockdown power.

*150 shots on a charge is the recommended max. You may find that you can shoot as many as 150 shots, but anything more than that could result in your bolt getting stuck. Colder temperatures will reduce the number of shots you can get from the battery. If you continue to shoot after the battery has lost a significant amount of power, the bolt may get stuck.

**You can also buy an optional 9.6V battery pack but I don't recommend it unless you shoot your gun only in very cold weather (-16 deg. C or +3.2 deg. F).

When a Red Ryder just won't do...grab the Evanix Conquest semi-auto air rifle!

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