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I Know What You are Thinking...

12 ft/lbs… 825 ft/sec
.177 Feinwerkbau Sport Breakbarrel Springer
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Globe front sight with post (removable and mounted on 11mm dovetail)
Fully adjustable, unique rear sight with 4 different cuts (see detail images for more info)
11mm dovetail grooves with 5 scope-stop holes
Checkered pistol grip and forearm
2-stage adjustable trigger
Automatic safety
Ambidextrous beech stock
Uniquely sculpted dual raised cheekpieces
Rubber recoil pad with shock-absorbing properties

Loudness: 3-Medium
Weight: 8.27 lbs
Rifled Barrel Length: 18.31"
Overall Length: 44.84"

FWB is known for its world-class 10-meter match air rifles and air pistols. They also made very popular sporting guns until the 1990s, when they stopped making their FWB 124 air rifle. Because of the renewed worldwide interest in sporting air guns, Feinwerkbau is diving back into production, and they've come out with the Sport as their premier springer for the new millennium. And what a magnificent specimen it is!

"Feinwerkbau: tradition meets precision." With such an illustrious and well-respected tradition of making winning airguns, you'll be hard-pressed to come up with a better sporting rifle based on FWB's manufacturing standards. With state-of-the-art technology and machining, 21st century metallurgy and modern production methods, the Sport is the new crown prince of spring-piston air rifles. If you do your part, the Feinwerkbau Sport air rifle will do its part downrange.

If you want to buy just one air rifle that you can hand it down to your children and grandchildren, then this is one to get. If you're a betting man (or woman), this is a sure thing!

Special order. Delivery time- 12 weeks... Occasionally in Stock- Please Check with Me!

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