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21 ft/lbs...1275 ft/sec with Lead Free Pellets
.177 Gamo Buckmasters Squirrel Terminator Air Rifle
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Authoritative Knock-Down Power for Animals up to 5lbs.
(Crows, Cotton Tail Rabbits, Skunks, Tree Squirrels, Coots, Mergansers, Rats, Pigeons, Barn Swallows, Starlings).

11mm dovetail grooves (no open sights)
SAT (Smooth Action Trigger) 2-stage adjustable trigger
Manual safety
Steel barrel with fluted polymer jacket
30 lbs. cocking effort
All-weather ambidextrous synthetic stock
Twin raised cheekpieces
Textured grip & forearm
Shock Wave Absorber (SWA) recoil pad absorbs up to 74% more recoil
Turbo Stabilizing System*
6.1 lbs. (gun only...add another 1.5 lbs. for scope and mount)
Includes 4x32 scope with adjustable objective and mount

Loudness: 3-Medium
Weight: 6.10 lbs
Barrel Length: 18.00"
Overall Length: 45.00"
Barrel: Rifled

*Gamo's Turbo Stabilizing System is designed to control the aggressiveness of the firing cycle so the spring is brought to a controlled stop...adding more velocity, decreasing vibration and reducing recoil.

If you enjoy magnum hunting air rifles that really deliver power downrange, then the Gamo Buckmasters Squirrel Terminator air rifle might become your go-to gun.

Delivering a muzzle velocity of 1275 fps with alloy pellets, you've got a pretty powerful air rifle in your hands. If you do your job, this rifle can take out small pests such as squirrels, rabbits, rats, mice and birds.

This Model is No Longer Available

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