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I Know What You are Thinking...

2 ft/lbs… 390 ft/sec
.177 Umarex Mini UZI CO2 BlowBack BB Pistol
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Perfect for Plinking & Killing Tin Cans
(Not Suitable for Self Defense or Hunting).

Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges
28rd drop-free BB magazine
Manual safety
Realistic blowback
Fixed front sight
Fixed flip-up rear sight with two apertures
Realistic recoil
Folding shoulder stock
Removable fake silencer
Double-action only

Realism that lets you experience the thrill of an Uzi firearm without the expensive ammo or all that government red tape. Shoot paper targets, tin cans, dandelion heads, flies…the list of potential fun targets is endless. Load up, aim and start the fun!

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