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.177 Webley Rebel Mutli-Pump Pneumatic Air Rifle
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The manufacturer's spec sheet for this air rifle incorrectly states it has a ramp front sight with a post and a rear peep sight. Both front and rear sights are fiber optics. It's a good idea to put 1 or 2 pumps into a multi-pump before you put it away for the day. Whether you're storing it til you shoot the next day or want to stowe it for 2 years, putting a couple pumps in the rifle keeps airborne dust and debris from deteriorating the seal. Use Crosman Pellgunoil on the pump handle's hinge to keep it functioning properly for years. Just a couple drops every 200 shots or so will keep your gun in good working order.

Multi-pump pneumatic guns are ideal for people who have many different uses for their airguns. Pump your Webley Rebel air rifle 3 times, and you'll have a great little plinking gun. Pump it up more, and you can take out small rodents. If hunting is your main reason for buying this air rifle, we suggest you get .22 caliber.

Mutli-pump pneumatic (up to 8 pumps)
Bolt-action (push bolt) cocking
Manual safety
Synthetic Monte Carlo stock
Stippled pistol grip and forearm (pump handle)
Raised right-hand cheekpiece
Fixed fiber optic front sight
Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight mounts on scope dovetail grooves

Loudness: 4-Medium-High
Weight: 4.40 lbs
Barrel Length: 20.00"
Overall Length: 34.60"
Capacity: 1 round(s)
Cocking Effort: 3-8 pumps
Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
Suggested for: Hunting

This Model is No Longer Available

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