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I Know What You are Thinking...

15 ft/lbs… 700 fps
.22 Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol, AR15 Stock
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Authoritative Knock-Down Power for Animals up to 5lbs.
(Crows, Cotton Tail Rabbits, Skunks, Tree Squirrels, Coots, Mergansers, Rats, Pigeons, Barn Swallows, Starlings).

  • Precharged pneumatic (PCP)
  • Bolt-action
  • 8-rd circular mag with auto-indexing
  • 11mm dovetail
  • Integral shroud makes this a VERY quiet gun
  • 12" choked barrel delivers superior accuracy
  • Raised aluminum breech for easier loading of the clip
  • 2-stage adjustable match trigger...and the trigger is heat-treated metal!
  • 1.53 lbs. trigger-pull
  • 28.50" to 32.25" overall length with removable stock and adapter
  • Uses 2,900 psi compressed air
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Air tank has a quick-disconnect male Foster fitting
  • 65cc (4 cu in) reservoir
  • Ideal for hunting small quarry up to 33 yds away
  • No open sights, so you'll need a scope or dot sight
  • Does NOT include the degassing tool
  • Marauder pistol clips are not interchangeable with the Marauder rifle clips…and vice versa
  • Includes one mag, AR15-style extendable shoulder stock, stock adapter and hard case

  • Loudness: 2-Low-Medium
  • Weight: 3.00 lbs
  • Barrel Length(Rifled): 12.00"
  • Overall Length: 32.25"
  • Capacity: 8 round(s)

    Stock and adapter are installed by my airgun technicians. Ships ready for use in a hard case.

    The Marauder pistol cannot be filled with CO2. Use only high-pressure air.

    If you're tired of lugging heavy guns into the field -- or even into the backyard, maybe it's time you got a Benjamin Marauder pistol with my special adapter and AR15-style stock.

    You get the same great action from your pistol but with the convenience of a shoulder stock.

    What makes this setup different and better than the standard Marauder shoulder stock is the adapter that gives you adjustability for cast on, cast off, vertical adjustments and horizontal adjustments.

    Your gun will easily accommodate right-handed and left-handed shooters, big shooters, little shooters -- and every size in between. In fact, the resulting carbine is under 4 lbs. and makes an excellent gun for youngsters or anyone who can't handle a full-size air rifle.

    Your Benjamin Marauder will feel like a custom-made carbine without the expense of buying a full-size rifle.

    I’ve taken a fantastic pistol and turned it into a fantastic carbine. Of course, you can quickly remove the adapter and buttstock to shoot this as a pistol One gun for everyone!

    This Model is No Longer Available
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