30 ft/lbs
.22 BobCat PCP BullPup
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60 Shots on a Full Charge with 5mm Groups!

Overall Length: 29.5 inches
Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
Weight: 7.8 lbs.
Length of Pull: 14.5 inches
Reservoir: 300cc

Adjustable Cheek Piece
Easy to Read Pressure Gauge
Male Quick Connector Fill Port
Sound Suppressing System
Smooth Twist Barrel
Regulator not Included
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The FX BobCat BullPup combines air rifle performance with carbine length to give you the high power for hunting and the precision accuracy for target shooting that you are looking for.

You will note that the trigger is placed in a comfortable position ahead of the breach block that works on a magnetic bearing system that is far superior and out performs any other existing long linkage system.

So that your scope will be able to be zeroed to pin point accuracy, the extended scope mounting rail is mounted at the breech so that barrel and scope planes are in perfect parallel alignment.

While the .30 caliber FX BobCat has the regulator as standard, by no means is the regulator required for top level performance for the .22 and .25 caliber BobCats. Even so, the regulator is offered as an option if you prefer.

Order your FX BobCat BullPup air rifle today with free Continental USA ground shipping and I will pressure test it for 24 hours and then run the ballistics on it to find the magic pellet for you (a $175.00 value). And, if you buy a scope and rings at the same time, I will zero your scope to the hole created by the magic pellet. Takes about a week to get to me, a couple of days for testing and then shipping to you. Meanwhile, you will be able to place a separate order for your magic pellets and everything should land about the same time. Once you receive your FX BobCat BullPup air rifle and magic pellets, all you will have to do is take aim and start hitting your bulls-eye!!... I know what you are thinking... you are correct- the guesswork is eliminated.

Because of growing firearm restrictions and the scarcity of live ammunition, more and more people world wide are turning to air guns. As a result, oversees air gun manufacturers are having great difficulty keeping up with the massive flood of US orders.

If you are serious about one of these high quality air guns you will want to Pre-Order (pay up front) so that you can get on the waiting list as soon as possible. Pre-Orders are filled in the order that they are received.

I know what you are thinking... if you want to play roulette and wait for the "bird in hand" the question you have to ask yourself is "do I feel lucky? Well if the shipment comes and goes and you miss out, you will be in the same position as the punk who forgot his
Fortune Cookie. One thing for sure, either way, you will be waiting- so Pre-Order and increase your chances!

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Pre-Order Delivery Time: Anywhere from 4-12 Weeks
(depending on the manufacturer's production schedule).

I test this beauty thoroughly before I ship it to you.