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.25 Evanix Rainstorm II PCP Air Rifle
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Single-shot rifles are fun and have their place, but if you like to hunt...a repeater definitely has its advantages. Quick followup shots are nice to have without requiring you to open a pellet tin, pull out a round, close the tin, and then cock and load your rifle. How much better is it to have 10 rounds waiting so you can dispatch animals quickly?

The Rainstorm II rifle uses the the same 10rd circular clip as the Evanix Speed and Conquest air rifles and the Max bullpup.

Hunting small game such as cottontails, squirrels, rats, mice, nutria (coypu) and pest birds means you're often faced with more than one critter. Having several shots available from your shrouded Rainstorm II will go a long way toward eradicating groups of pesky, destructive varmints!

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