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I Know What You are Thinking...

48 ft/lbs
.25 FX Independence Air Rifle Synthetic
Side Lever Cocking ActionLarge Pressure GaugeQuick Connect Fill Port
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Authoritative Knock-Down Power for Animals 15 to 24 lbs.
(Porcupines, Red Foxes).

It is completely independent from an external power supply, however it is still a precharged-pneumatic air rifle
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and has all the benefits and advantages of all different systems: Easy to charge, zero recoil, very high power, repeating mechanism, extremely quiet, and completely self-contained.

Starting with a full charge, the rifle requires eleven easy pumps with the onboard pump for every shot taken. The air rifle can be fired up to 2 times at full power with match grade consistency before any pumping is required. From this point, 22 pumps would be required to return the rifle to a full charge. The shooter can choose any combination of shots/pumps to match the need of the situation.

The FX Independence is one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced shooting instruments in the world. shares the same super smooth side-lever as the Royale 400. This cocking and loading system is the finest available side-lever, with positive feed as a repeater for sport, or single shot for competition use. The trigger system has upgraded components and lighter springs that allow for very light, safe, and crisp release, and is adjustable for both 1st and 2nd stage weight and travel. The Independence sports a purposeful synthetic stock that is both durable and weather proof. The thumbhole design is comfortable with molded grooves in the grip and fore end surface for a non-slip hold. The weight of the rifle with the stock is just a touch over 8 pounds, making it much lighter than the rifle appears.

At the bottom of the fore end resides the largest pressure gauge found on any current air rifle. The large size makes it simple to read and allows for more precise control over the working pressure within the rifle to ensure ultimate consistency. All precharged airguns have what is called a “sweet spot” where the highest level of consistency and accuracy are achieved. The Independence can be kept inside this “sweet spot” for top-level accuracy

  • Overall Length: 43.5 inches
  • Barrel Length: 19.5 inches
  • Calibers Available: .177, .22, .25 & .30
  • Weight: 8.0 lbs
  • Power: 48 foot/pounds

    Mated to the solid block breech is one of the most accurate barrels ever to be produced. The smooth twist barrels on all Independence rifles have been tested and give reported groups around ½ inch at 50 yards. This unique barrel design is an FX Airguns exclusive and is produced at the FX factory in Sweden with Mr. Axellson overseeing the production and quality control. Each rifle is accuracy tested at the factory for quality assurance. The FX Independence is a top-level target gun as well as a hunting tool deluxe with its near-silent report and quick follow-up capabilities. This revolutionary rifle is at home in the field and at the target range, and is a valued addition to the most discerning airgun collector.

    Thorough Testing Option:
    Order your FX Indepenence air rifle today with free Continental USA ground shipping and I will pressure test it for 5 days (24 hrs is not enough) and then run the ballistics on it to find the magic pellet for you. And, if you buy a scope and rings at the same time, I will zero your scope to the hole created by the magic pellet. Takes about a week to get to me, approximately a week for testing and then shipping to you. Meanwhile, you will be able to place a separate order for your magic pellets and everything should land about the same time. Once you receive your FX Indepenence air rifle and magic pellets, all you will have to do is take aim and start hitting your bulls-eye!!... I know what you are thinking... you are correct- the guesswork is eliminated.

    Scope and Rings pictured are not included

    10 for $10 Shot Test not Available
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