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I Know What You are Thinking...

64 Shots with 2mm Groups!... 45 ft/lbs
.25 FX WildCat PCP BullPup Synthetic
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.25 FX WildCat PCP BullPup Synthetic

Authoritative Knock-Down Power for Animals 15 to 24 lbs.
(Porcupines, Red Foxes).

The Wildcat is the first all new rifle to come out of the new, state of the art factory in Mariastad Sweden. TheWildcat BullPup Air Rifle represents many hours of complex design and systems testing. The end result
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has exceeded expectations for a compact, high power, and high accuracy performer. Features include a precise air regulator and new magazine system that is easy to load and inexpensive to purchase spares. The Wildcat valve system is powered by the new high grade aluminum air cylinder that sports a durable new tactical finish.

Many hours of labor have gone into this new finger print resistant finish.

The cocking lever has been engineered to be the smoothest operating possible with only the highest quality materials used. Forward placement of the lever provides the quickest and most simple actuation. The joy of cocking and firing this new air rifle is only surpassed by the results found on the target. Utilizing the match winning Smooth Twist barrel, half inch groups at 50 yards are common.

The action is nestled into a durable synthetic stock with soft touch coating for all weather comfort. This new stock comes to point quickly and with the new scope rail design places the shooters eye in a comfortable and proper position to eliminate parallax error.

The Wildcat represents a new era in quality and design for FX. This compact powerhouse will excite the Bullpup and Tactical customer as well as perform as a full length gun for the more traditional shooter.

Thorough Testing Option:
Order your FX WildCat BullPup air rifle today with free Continental USA ground shipping and I will pressure test it for 5 days (24 hrs is not enough) and then run the ballistics on it to find the magic pellet for you. And, if you buy a scope and rings at the same time, I will zero your scope to the hole created by the magic pellet. Takes about a week to get to me, approximately a week for testing and then shipping to you. Meanwhile, you will be able to place a separate order for your magic pellets and everything should land about the same time. Once you receive your FX WildCat BullPup air rifle and magic pellets, all you will have to do is take aim and start hitting your bulls-eye!!... I know what you are thinking... you are correct- the guesswork is eliminated.
  • Overall Length: 34.5”
  • Barrel Length: 24"
  • Weight (w/o Scope & Rings): 6.6 lbs.
  • Length of Pull: 13.7”
  • Reservoir: 300 cc
Here is what Jerry in Florida says: "Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the FX Wildcat. What an accurate rifle, WOW! Shooting it with my son-in-law this weekend and he was amazed. At one point I told him it wasn’t even challenging. We were shooting targets at 40 yards and every shot was in the bullseye shot after shot!! Thanks for the recommendation."

Here is what Randy in Iowa says: "I was in the market for a PCP Pellet rifle. Being new to the PCP Pellet guns, I was unsure of exactly what I wanted. After looking at all the different websites and spending hours researching different rifles, I contacted Dirt E Harry and gave him an outline of my wants and needs. Harry steered me towards the .25 FX Wildcat. I never looked back. I ordered one in, had Harry pressure test and scope it in, got the nitrogen set up from him and could never be any more pleased with my purchase. It took some time to get the Wildcat shipped in and ready, but if you want good stuff, sometimes you have to be patient. Harry kept me up to date via emails and videos, did everything he said he would and definitely did it up right. I would recommend Dirt E Harry to anyone for their air gun needs. ATTABOY HARRY and Thank You!”

Scope and Rings pictured are not included

10 for $10 Shot Test not Available

This Model is No Longer Available

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