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I Know What You are Thinking...

130 ft/lbs with a 110 grain pellet @ 730 fps
.357 Evanix Rainstorm 3D BullPup 7rd Repeater
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Authoritative Knock-Down Power for Animals 46 to 130 lbs.
(Maned Wolves, Wolverines, African Wild Dogs, Coyotes, Pronghorns).

If you like futuristic airguns, get ready to be blown away! This is by far the most modernistic gun available on the airgun market. Nothing else comes close. Evanix has delivered the cutting edge when it comes to airguns. But that's just the looks. What really counts is underneath. How does it shoot? Is it accurate? Is the repeating mechanism smooth as butter and quick to advance? Yes. Yes. And yes. Sure, you want power. Sure you want a repeater. But none of that matters if you can't hit the side of a barn from the inside! Well, the Evanix Rainstorm 3D not only hits the barn, it hits the knothole on one of the timbers. These guns are accurate, and you'll be able to home in on your target and drill it! Whether you're shooting a flock of pigeons roosting over the grain in your barn, shooting pesky birds dining at your fruit orchard or just popping paper targets in your backyard...the Evanix Rainstorm 3D bullpup will deliver a hail of lead downrange exactly where you want it. With accuracy and smooth functioning already proven in the other Evanix repeaters, you cannot go wrong with this gun. It's lightweight and ready to do whatever you ask.

Evanix Rainstorm 3D bullpup
Precharged pneumatic (PCP)
Shrouded barrel
13rds/.177, 11rds/.22, 10rds/.25, 7rds/9mm*
Sidelever cocking
Ambidextrous metal stock
2-stage adjustable trigger
6-lb. trigger-pull
Built-in manometer (air pressure gauge)
Manual safety
Weaver optics rail (no open sights)
Weaver accessory rail (the accy rail)**
3000 psi fill (up to 45 shots per fill)
Includes a 1/8" BSPP probe with male threads and 2 mags

*.177-caliber performs best with long, heavy pellets and tends to jam with short, light pellets. 9mm performs best with JSB and Air Venturi pellets, but tends to jam with Eun Jin pellets.

**The accessory rail has a slight bit of forward/backward movement.

Loudness: 4-Medium-High
Weight: 7.80 lbs
Barrel Length:17.00Overall Length: 27.00"
Barrel: Rifled
Front Sight: NonevRear Sight: None
Scopeable: Weaver/Picatinny
Trigger adj.: Two-stage adjustable
Buttpad: Rubber
Suggested for: Hunting
Action: Sidelever
Max Shots Per Fill: 45
Fixed power
1176 ft/sec/.22, 910 ft/sec/.25, 730 ft/sec/9mm

This Model is No Longer Available

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