I Know What You are Thinking...
I Know What You are Thinking...

Range finders and flashlights are useful tools in helping you determine distances and see in the dark. Whether you are hunting, playing golf or indulging in other outdoor pursuits, a range finder will make it easy to find the distance of your objective. Flashlights on the other hand, come in many flavors; compact, green laser, red laser, LED and xenon. Some flashlights are used in combat and swat situations and many are law enforcement rated. Regardless, a flashlight mounted on your air rifle or air pistol will give you a distinct advantage in acquiring your objective in the dark.

While looking for a range finder be sure to look for one that has a digital read-out and a range finder that will display in meters as well as yards. Also, a range finder with a low battery indicator as well as a timed “off” switch will save your batteries.

When using a flashlight with your airgun, squeezing a remote pressure switch to turn your flashlight on is handy. A green laser flashlight will contrast nicely with an airgun scope that has red cross-hairs and a red laser flashlight with a scope that has green cross-hairs. A xenon flashlight will work best for distances and an LED flashlight (10 times brighter than incandescent) when you need a lot of light such as walking down an unfamiliar path at night.

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