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Compatto Series

Compatto Series

.177 BroCock Compatto PCP Air Rifle.177 BroCock Compatto PCP Air Rifle
.22 BroCock Compatto PCP Air Rifle.22 BroCock Compatto PCP Air Rifle
.25 BroCock Compatto PCP Air Rifle.25 BroCock Compatto PCP Air Rifle


.177 BroCock 6-Shot Magazine.177 BroCock 6-Shot Magazine
.22 BroCock 6-Shot Magazine.22 BroCock 6-Shot Magazine
.177 BroCock 10-Shot Magazine.177 BroCock 10-Shot Magazine
.22 BroCock 10-Shot Magazine.22 BroCock 10-Shot Magazine
.25 BroCock 10-Shot Magazine.25 BroCock 10-Shot Magazine

Founded in 1989 in the old gun quarter of Birmingham, Brocock has been a significant player in the UK airgun market for over a quarter of a century, first for their Air Cartridge System (ACS) pistols and later for their PCP air rifles. In March 2014 Brocock was purchased by Dianna Group owners of Italian gun makers Marocchi & Breda; the group is a major force worldwide who have been making guns since 1922. Marocchi also own Daystate, so the acquisition of Brocock was a natural extension of their move into the airgun market. The ability to share information, develop systems and improve processes between group companies enables us to improve quality and reliability bringing benefits our retailer customers and shooters alike.

In order to gain maximum advantage from the synergy between the two brands, the production of Brocock guns moved to the new purpose designed Daystate factory in Staffordshire in September 2014. This latest chapter in the Brocock story bodes well for the future as it is the clearest possible demonstration by Marocchi of their intent to expand. With this in mind, considerable investment has been made available to develop the Brocock brand, make it more widely available to UK shooters and to further expand into overseas markets. Brocock pre charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns combine quality, reliability and accuracy at affordable prices making them available to everyone.

Their range of high quality, lightweight hunting air rifles, carbines and pistols are manufactured using state of the art precision engineering technology, coupled with the traditional skills and experience of a team of time served gunsmiths. The result is an individual and attractive range of guns with a unique set of handling characteristics derived from their balance and light weight, which make them fast handling, nimble and a delight to shoot.

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