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When competing in competitions having an air rifle that is going to be precise is as equally important as your ability. Regardless of how straight you are aiming, if the gun's precision or weights are off, it is going to make it impossible for you to be as accurate as your competitors that are using competition air rifles and air pistols that are state of the art and quality air guns that are precise.

When buying a competition air rifle or competition air pistol important things to keep in mind are the precision of the barrel, weights for accuracy, having an inner shock absorber to eliminate recoil and having sights that are variable and adjustable to accommodate different aims. That is why the Feinwekbau match air rifle and air pistol collections are so highly sought after and so well respected that Feinwerkbau in German means "building of fine works." Expert gunsmiths Karl Westinger and Ernst Altenburger made this their motto in the 1950s when they started manufacturing the best match grade air guns and air rifles. Since that time Olympic match grade Feinwerkbau competition air guns have become well known to be competition leaders and what the best marksmen are going to carry.

Here you will find a large selection of Feiwerkbau precision competition air rifles and air pistols. Because I am a smaller internet based company without huge overhead, employee and other costs of bigger Feinwerkbau dealers I am able to cut these costs and offer the best discount prices on Feinwerkbau precision airguns as well as provide you with personal customer service unmatched by big websites that are mostly order taking sites.  I know what you are thinking.... do I really offer personal service, cheap discount prices and the best Feinwerkbau match grade air rifles and air pistols? The question you have to ask yourself (when dealing with anyone else is)... Do I feel lucky?... well do ya? Here it is not about luck, I flat out provide the best Feinwerkbau competition airguns, the best prices, and information. Don't be like the message says in the Fortune Cookie. Do yourself a favor (you know you gots to know)... take the next step and place your order- and Make, My, Day!!... Dirt E. Harry

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