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Being able to fire multiple pellets and bbs quickly and without having to reload makes target practice and killing cans much more fun. Semi automatic air pistols and revolvers allow you to do just that. However, the best high powered semi-auto airguns are not cheap. These high powered pellet pistols are used primarily for pest control and hunting small game. If you are on a budget and are going to be using your airgun for target practice, killing cans and having fun there is no reason to spend that type of money. Semi-automatic CO2 powered air pistols and revolvers fire pellets and bbs just as fast as other semi auto aiguns, are tons of fun to shoot and cost much less. Semi automatic co2 bb and pellet pistols are perfect for anyone looking for a rapid firing, fun to shoot, airgun that isn’t overly expensive.

CO2 powered semi auto air pistols and revolvers use rotary clips that typically hold between 8-12 pellets. If it fires bbs instead of pellets those bbs are loaded into a magazine or directly into the air gun itself. Once loaded cock the hammer and pull the trigger. Semi-automatic CO2 air pistols have a dual action trigger. Pulling the trigger will open the air valve, releasing the compressed C02 propelling the loaded bb or pellet. Releasing the trigger resets the CO2 valve and loads the next pellet or bb. You are able to continue to pull and release the trigger firing pellets or bbs until you have emptied the rotary clip, magazine or aigun. This gives you the ability to fire pellets or bbs as quickly as you are able to pull the trigger. The best CO2 powered semi-auto pistols and revolvers may not be as powerful as other semi automatic airguns, but they are just as fun to shoot and cost much less. If you want a cool, rapid firing airgun, and have fun killing cans a semi-automatic CO2 bb or pellet pistol or revolver is the best most economical choice.

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