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Get an Airgun that is Cooler or more Powerful than Smaller Common Caliber Pellet Pistols, by Buying a .22 Cal Air Pistol. I offer the Best High Powered and Accurate 22 Caliber Precision Pellet Pistols as well as Fun and Cheap 22 Cal Air Pistols, at Discount Online Sales Prices, and Provide Expert Information and Customer Service.

When buying an air pistol besides deciding which power source is best for you , you also need to decide on caliber. The general idea is the larger the caliber pellet, the more powerful the air pistol. While this isn’t always the case, it is the general idea. The larger the caliber, the heavier the pellet is. The amount of impact, or foot pounds of energy your pellet pistol is capable of is determined by the weight and velocity of the pellet it fires. If you have a .22 cal pellet and a smaller caliber pellet traveling at the same velocity the .22 cal pellet will have more foot pounds of energy and a greater impact. However, it is important to understand that just because you are buying a larger .22 cal airgun this doesn’t automatically mean that it is more powerful than smaller common caliber pellet pistols.

The power source of the cheap, or high powered precision .22 cal air pistol you buy, is what determines the foot pounds of energy that pellet gun is capable of. Many 22 caliber pellet pistols are actually less powerful and accurate than their smaller common caliber counterparts. This is because their power sources are not capable of creating enough power to reach the velocities needed to keep the larger .22 cal pellets flying strait. The .22 caliber pellets simply weight too much for the air pistols power sources. However, with the right high powered power source .22 cal airguns are some of the best, most highly versatile and accurate precision air pistols you can buy. 

If you are going to be hunting small game or taking care of small to mid size pests, high powered and accurate .22 cal pellet pistols are one of the best  choices, but only if it’s power source is powerful enough for that type of use. If you are buying a .22 caliber air pistol for target shooting and having fun you do not need to worry so much about power source, but may still want a high powered 22 cal air pistol, powerful enough to keep the heavier 22 caliber pellet flying accurately. If you just like .22 caliber air pistols, and are not too concerned with power or accuracy, any 22 cal pellet gun that fits your budget and has the look you want is a great choice, as long as you are getting a cheap online sales price and affordable or better yet Free Shipping.
Before buying a new .22 cal pellet pistol, because the power, accuracy and sales price vary so much from one type to the next, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the power sources and review the airgun’s specs. This is way you can be confident that you are getting the best 22 caliber air pistol for you. However, whether you are looking for a high powered and accurate.22 cal precision air pistol for hunting, pest control and serious target practice or a cheap discount .22 cal pellet pistol for fun, there is a 22 caliber airgun, best for you and your budget, for sale online.

At my online airguns store I offer the best selection of .22 caliber pellet pistols at the cheapest possible online sales prices. No matter the power source or whether you are looking for a high powered and accurate precision 22 cal air pistol or a cheap discount .22 caliber pellet gun, I have the best 22 cal air pistol for you at discount online sales prices. I also provide detailed information throughout the website, including on the .22 caliber air pistols categories and individual product pages. I have also split them into easy to navigate power source / type based categories to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best 22 cal pellet pistol for you.

Being an online based high powered airguns store, I do not have many of the expensive operating costing of traditional airgun stores and large online sites; which are mostly just order taking sites and do not provide much if any information or customer support. These savings get passed to you in the form of the cheapest possible online sales prices and Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US, on all orders $149.99 and up. I look forward for being your one stop online source for the best .22 cal air pistols and if you have any questions after reviewing the 22 caliber pellet pistols category pages and products or need help finding which high powered and accurate 22 cal precision pellet pistol or cheap discount fun target shooting 22 caliber air pistol is best for you, send me an email and I will be happy to help.

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