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Get a Versatile, High Powered and Accurate Airgun for Hunting Small Game, Pest Control and Target Shooting, by Buying a Top Rated .25 Cal Pellet Rifle. I offer a Great Selection of the Best 25 caliber Air Rifles, in all available Power Sources and Types, at the Cheapest Possible Discount Online Sales Prices

When buying an air rifle, it is important if it is going to be used for more than just plinking cans and shooting targets to have the FPE (foot pounds of energy) needed to humanly dispatch small animals and critters, when hunting small game or doing pest control. The velocity and mass of the pellet is what determines the knock down power or FPS of the air rifle. So, the faster the pellet is moving and the more the pellet weighs, the more powerful the airgun is, and the larger the animals it is capable of humanly dispatching. This is why both the power source and caliber are important when buying a high-powered air rifle.  25 cal air rifles fire 25 caliber pellets which weigh more than a normal airgun’s pellets.  When a 25 caliber air rifle pellet is fired at same, or even a slightly less velocity than a lighter standard pellet, it will have more FPS and knock down power, because it has more mass.

The catch is the larger the pellet the more power the air rifle needs to propel it accurately and powerfully. Most of the cheaper power sources used in today’s pellet rifles are not powerful enough to fire larger caliber airgun pellets with enough velocity. When an air rifle’s power source is not capable of propelling the .25 cal or other large caliber pellets with enough velocity, the pellet will not fly on flat trajectory. Arched trajectories cause inaccuracy and can lead to bad shooting habits. In addition to being inaccurate this also prevents the airgun from being more powerful than their top rated smaller caliber counter parts. You have to have both velocity and mass to have knock down power.  This is one of the reasons why the best high powered and accurate .25 caliber pellet rifles are so popular.

25 cal air rifles are the largest caliber pellet gun before being considered big bore. 25 caliber pellets are larger than smaller more common caliber air gun ammo, but are not as big and heavy as largest caliber pellets.  Really large caliber airguns are only available in super high end and very expensive power sources, because the cheaper power sources are not capable of producing the power needed to shoot the pellets with enough velocity. Top rated, powerful and accurate 25 caliber air rifles come in a variety of power sources and price ranges. It is important to consider what you want to be able to do with the powerful and pick a power source that will provide the velocity you need. Pretty much any 25 caliber air rifle is powerful enough to fire the larger 25 cal pellets on flat and accurate trajectory.  However, the more powerful the power source, the more velocity you get and the more knock power the high powered 25 caliber air rifle will have.

For these reasons, accurate top rated 25 caliber pellet rifles are some of the best and most versatile air rifles for sale. They are great for target shooting and killing cans as well as hunting small game and pest control.  No matter your reasons for buying an airgun there is a high powered 25 cal pellet rifle for sale online perfect for your needs. 25 cal pellet rifles come in a variety of power sources and FPS. Depending on your needs and budget determines which power source and type of .25 cal air gun is best for you. This is why it is important to learn about the different kinds of 25 caliber pellet guns for sale online, and the differences in power sources, before buying. You also want to review the high powered and top rated 25 caliber air rifle’s description and specs to make sure it is the best pellet rifle for you.

Here, at my high powered online airgun’s store, I offer a great selection of top rated 25 caliber air guns, from the industry’s best manufactures, at cheap discount sales prices. I carry every style and type of high powered and accurate .25 cal pellet air rifles for sale in all available power sources. No matter what you are going to be using your 25-caliber air rifle for, or your budget, my online airgun store has the best .25 cal pellet rifle for you at the cheapest possible discount online sales prices. I also provide free ground shipping in the continental US, on all powerful and accurate 25 caliber air rifles orders over $149.99. In addition to that, unlike the big mostly just order taking airgun mega stores, I provide detailed product information, high resolution photos, easy to navigate categories and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best 25 cal pellet rifle for your hunting, pest control or target shooting needs, send me an email and I will be happy to help.

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