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Humanly Hunt Large Animals without overspending on Ammo or Buying a Rifle that Requires Licensing and Registration by Purchasing a 45 Caliber PCP Big Bore Air Gun. I offer the Most High Powered and Accurate Large 45 Cal Pellet Rifles at the Best Sales Prices.

Hunting is a great way to provide meat for your family and spend some time out in the woods. In order to have a successful hunting trip requires the proper tools. For most hunters this means a traditional high powered rifle. However, traditional rifles are loud, the ammo is extremely expensive and they require licensing and registration. Large 45 caliber big bore PCP air rifles have the power you need to humanly hunt animals as heavy as 200lbs! Besides having the power you need, the best 45 cal airguns are also quiet, accurate and do not require licensing and registration. Ammo is also much less expensive. Large .45 caliber big bore pellets while packing a serious punch cost a few cents apiece.

It is important when purchasing an air rifle for hunting that it has the knock down power you need to hunt humanly. Smaller non-big bore air rifles maybe able to take down pests and smaller animals, but lack the foot pounds of energy needed to hunt larger game. Foot pounds of energy are determined by the velocity and the weight of the pellet. The larger the caliber the heavier the pellets and the more powerful the big bore PCP airgun has to be to propel the heavier cal pellet. 45 caliber PCP air rifles are the second largest cal pellet guns you can buy. The combination of the massive .45 caliber big bore pellet’s weight and the extremely high velocity achieved by these high powered air rifles creates tons of ft/lbs of energy and amazing knock down power.  45 cal big bore pellets also have more surface space than other pellets. This creates larger wounds, resulting in bigger target areas and less painful more human kills even on smaller game and pests.

At my online airguns store I offer the best most high powered 45 caliber big bore PCP pellet rifles at the lowest possible sales prices with fast free ground shipping. All of the .45 cal air rifles I have for sale have the power you need to humanly take down large animals up to 200 pounds! I also provide detailed information about each 45 caliber air rifle including power and accuracy stats of different types and grains of pellets making it easy for you to find the best 45 cal airgun and big bore pellet for you. Being an online high powered airguns store I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional sporting goods stores. This allows me to offer the best highest powered and accurate 45 caliber pellet rifles for sale at the lowest possible prices. If you are a serious hunter looking for a seriously highest powered and accurate 45 caliber big bore pellet rifle at the best sales prices you are the right place.  I have done a good job of providing the information you need, but if you have any questions that you could not find answers to on the site please send me an email.  

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