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Legally Own and Shoot Semi Automatic or Full Auto Sub Machine Guns and Uzis, Buying the Best Replica Uzi BB Guns and SMG Pellet Guns. I offer the Best Semi Auto and Fully Automatic Replica Sub Machine Air Guns, including CO2 Mini Uzi Pistols and Uzi SMG Pellet/BB Guns at Cheap Online Sales Prices, with Free US Ground Shipping.

If you like cool, fast firing and powerful guns in compact easy to carry model then you must be a fan of Uzis and full auto SMGs. There are very few tactical weapons or firearms in general more famous or recognizable than the UZI sub machine gun and mini UZI pistol. What boy doesn’t grow up thinking Uzis are cool and wanting to one day fire a semi or full auto sub machine gun? However, in the US and in most countries the sale of full auto tactical weapons such as Uzis and other SMGs are illegal. There are a few civilian model Uzi sub machine guns and mini Uzi pistols for sale, but they only come in semi auto, do not feature the blowback design that helped make Uzis so popular and cool and they are extremely expensive. They are also illegal to shoot outside of a shooting range in most areas, require licensing and registration, are almost impossible to find and their ammo is hugely expensive. Buying a replica Uzi SMG bb gun or mini Uzi co2 airgun will allow you to own and fire a realistic semi automatic or full auto Uzi submachine gun legally, safely and affordably. The best replica Uzi bb and pellet firing air guns look extremely realistic, are able to switch between semi automatic and full auto and feature a realistic blowback design. Unlike most replica Uzis, CO2 powered Uzi SMG bb guns and mini Uzi pellet pistols can actually be fired and are fun to use. The best semi and full auto Uzi sub-machine guns and mini Uzi air pistol pellets and bbs are extremely cheap and are much safer than traditional ammo. Uzi airguns are a great choice for collectors, gun enthusiasts or anyone who wants a cool, relatively cheap, fun to shoot, semi auto or fully automatic bb or pellet firing realistic looking tactical military style CO2.

The original Uzi submachine gun was designed by Captain Uziel Gal of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), after the Arab-Israeli War in 1948. The Uzi SMG was first introduced to IDF Special Forces in 1954, and was placed into general issue only two years later. The Uzi SMG was a personal defense weapon, as well as a frontline weapon used by elite light infantry assault forces. The Uzi's compact size and firepower made it extremely versatile and proved instrumental in a variety of tactical military operations across the Middle East. Even though this popular SMG was starting tp get phased out of frontline IDF service in the 1980s, some Uzi sub machine guns and mini Uzi variants, were still used by a few IDF units until December 2003, when the IDF announced that it was retiring the Uzi from all IDF forces. Like most tactical military SMGs, the Uzi sub machine gun and the mini Uzi pistol (first introduced in the 1980's) can be switched from semi automatic to full auto. While not all bb and pellet firing, replica Uzi co2 air guns can be switched from semi to full auto, the best ones can and all feature a realistic and cool looking firing switch.

The first Uzi sub machine guns had short, fixed wooden buttstock, but later models feature the famous folding metal stock. Uzi SMGs and Mini UZIs models use an open-bolt blowback-operated design. The blowback-operated design exposes the breech end of the gun’s barrel and improves cooling during periods of continuous full auto and semi automatic fire. UZI submachine guns and mini UZI venations also feature a telescoping bolt design, which wraps the bolt around the breech end of the barrel. This allows UZIs barrels to move much further back into the receiver and for the magazine to be housed in the pistol grip. This allowed a heavier, slower (better) firing bolt, in a more compact and better-balanced full auto sub machine gun. Housing the UZI's magazine in the tactical SMG’s pistol grip allows for easy and intuitive reloading in the dark or other difficult conditions. This innovative feature is part of what has made Uzi sum-machine guns and mini Uzis so popular and gives them their easily recognized tactical look. A feature and look that is replicated by the best semi automatic and full auto mini co2 Uzi air guns and realistic sub machine pellet and bb gun replicas.

In general, the Uzi SMG and mini Uzi were reliable tactical weapons that proved especially useful for mechanized infantry, needing a compact weapon. As well as military units clearing bunkers and other confined spaces outside of Israel and the Middle East. By the end of 2001 the Uzi sub machine gun and mini Uzis had netted over $2 billion in sales for the Israel Military Industries, with over 90 countries using the weapons for their armed forces and/or law enforcement. From the 1960s through the 1980s, more Uzi submachine guns were sold to more military, law enforcement and professional security outfits than any other submachine gun ever made. However, most of us will not ever get a chance to see or fire a full auto military model. The civilian model Uzi Carbines look very similar to the fully automatic military SMG and mini Uzi mil models, but are not full auto. The Uzi carbine was also fitted with a much longer 16-inch (410 mm) barrel, to meet the minimum rifle barrel length requirement for civilian sales in the United States, fires from a closed-bolt position in semi-automatic mode only and uses a floating firing pin as opposed to a fixed firing pin. The FS-style selector switch has only two positions, F for "fire" (semi-auto) and "S" for "safe" (the automatic setting is blocked). However, very few of these replica Uzis were ever made or sold for a variety of reasons. If you want a realistic looking, semi or full auto Uzi submachine gun or mini Uzi pistol with realistic barrel length, recoil and blowback design, a bb or pellet firing co2 powered airgun replica is really the only choice.  The best Uzi co2 bb guns not only feature realistic blowback operation and come legally for sale in both semi automatic and full auto, but are also much cheaper than civilian Uzi Carbines. They also do not require the licensing and registration, can be fired legally in most backyards and rural areas and both the bbs and/or pellets they fire are cheap.

At my online airguns store, I offer the best most realistic semi and full auto co2 powered Uzi SMGs, replica mini Uzi air pistols and other realistic tactical bb and pellet firing sub-machine guns. Some of the replica co2 air Uzis and other tactical replica SMG bb guns I have for sale can be switched from semi automatic to full auto. The ones that cannot are semi automatic co2 repeaters that can fire as quickly as you pull and release the trigger and do have a realistic looking, but non-function firing switch.  Regardless of whether you are looking for semi auto or fully automatic replica Uzi sub machine gun, a fun to shoot Co2 powered mini Uzi or other realistic bb or pellet firing SMG, I have the best tactical airgun for you, at cheap discount sales price you can afford.  Being an online based adult air guns store, I do not have nearly the amount of overhead as traditional stores. This allows me to offer the best most realistic semi automatic and full auto co2 powered Uzi bb guns and other pellet firing replica SMGs, at everyday cheap discount online sales prices, with Free Ground Shipping, in the Continental United States. I make it as easy and cheap as possible for you to buy the best, most realistic, co2 powered sub-machine pellet guns, mini Uzi air pistols and replica Uzi SMG bb guns. If you have any questions about any of the replica submachine guns or Uzi air guns I have for sale please let me know and I will be happy to help. 

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