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Authoritative Knock Down Power!

Ferral Cats, Gray Foxes, Wild Turkeys, Opossums, Ground Hogs,
If you have a problem with pests the size of Opossums, Gray Foxes, Wild Turkeys, Feral Cats or Groundhogs, an air pistol at close range with 25 to 38 foot pounds of energy will drop them like a bad habit. At a distance of 10 yards, the pellet will penetrate approximately 1/2 of an inch into a Douglas fir 2 x 12. These air pistols are most accurate with a round nose pellet ranging in weight from 10 grains to 14 grains. Pointed pellets should be avoided because they are known to be a cause of a jammed magazine. The “magic” pellet is found by balancing the weight of the pellet to the air pressure that the gun puts out; each air rifle has its own personality.

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