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Get a Powerful, Reliable, Highly Accurate American made Airgun with a Proud History, Buying a Benjamin-Sheridan Pellet Rifle or Air Pistol. I offer Benjamin-Sheridan Pellet Guns, Parts & Accessories, including High Powered PCP, Nitro Piston, Break Barrel, CO2 and Pump Action Benjamin Air Rifles and Pistols, in .177 Caliber, .22 Cal and 357, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

Adult high powered air guns in the USA have been relatively slow to catch on, when compared to the rest of the world. This is primarily due to our gun laws, which make legally owning traditional firearms much easier here, than in most other countries. However, airguns have always had their place in our culture and high powered precision air rifles and pellet pistols are becoming increasingly popular, as more Americans become aware of their benefits and power. Air guns in the US have been around since the 1800’s. At that time they were primarily used as toys and training aids for kids and beginners.  W.R. Benjamin, the creator and original owner of the historic and famous Benjamin Airguns company, as well as Ed Wackerhagen and his friend Bob Kraus, the creators of the equally historic and famous Sheridan Airguns company, were instrumental in making pellet guns into much more than just toys and training aids, here in the US. Benjamin-Sheridan air rifles and pellet pistols are some of the best American airguns ever made, and while each of these companies have their own unique story, they are intertwined and eventually combine.

In 1882 Walter Benjamin introduced his high powered "Benjamin Pump" air rifle. Most of the other compressed air rifles of the time were toys, when compared to the high powered Benjamin pellet rifle. The Benjamin pump-action air rifle could shoot round shot or darts between 300 and 400 feet per second, with just a few pumps of the gun’s lever! Benjamin’s airguns were originally manufactured by the Wissler Instrument Company; however by 1889 Walter Benjamin began manufacturing pellet rifles under his own company name, the St. Louis Air Rifle Company. Unfortunately, these early air guns were not very well made and the company went out of business. Benjamin however, did learn from these early mistakes. He was able to purchase the patent rights to his high powered pump action air rifle and started manufacturing an improved product, using his own name for the company. The Benjamin air gun line soon expanded to include models with CO2 cartridges, guns that fire pellets as well as .22 cal air rifles. Benjamin was the first airgun company to use disposable C02 cylinders and made a variety of other important innovations in the advancement of PCP, break-barrel and even nitro piston air guns. All while continuing to manufacture the original pump action air rifles and pistols that made Benjamin air guns so popular.

In 1977 Benjamin acquired the Sheridan Airgun company. The Sheridan Airgun Company was a US airgun manufacturer and like the Benjamin Pump Rifle from the 1880’s, had a number of airguns that made the other’s in their classes look like toys. The Sheridan Airgun Company started like many American business. In 1943 Ed Wackerhagen and his friend Bob Kraus knew that they could build a better airgun than what was for sale at the time, and by mid-1944 they did. June 20th, at 9:30 AM, the two men pumped and loaded their high powered air rifle and fired a pellet at a block of wood a few feet away. Not only did their pump action air rifle work, the pellet actually buried itself in the block of wood! That piece of wood was dated and signed and is now a priceless piece of American history. The first Sheridan pellet rifle, known as the Model A Super Grade, became available to the general public in 1947. The Sheridan pellet rifle was not cheap for its time; it came with the princely sales price of $56.50. To put that into prospective, you could purchase a Winchester model 94 30-30 for the same price. However, this was an important step in high powered adult airguns in the USA and an American classic that endures to this day, had been born.  In the April 1947, in American Rifleman magazine, Major General Julian S. Hatcher reviewed the Sheridan rifle and said, “The accuracy of this gun is superb . . . Here is a gun which is capable of real target shooting, is deadly on small pests, and is a real pleasure to shoot. It is a quality job all the way through.” Never before had an American air rifle or pellet pistol, been talked about in such away. The Sheridan Airguns Company continued manufacturing powerful high end air rifles and pistols while finding ways to lower costs without sacrificing performance.

Benjamin and Sheridan are two of the most respected and best US airgun manufactures and companies of all time. Known for pushing the limits of what air guns are able to do and providing value to their customers by manufacturing quality, high powered, accurate pellet rifles and pistols and offering them at the best sales prices. After Ed Wackerhagen passed away in 1977, Benjamin acquired Sheridan Airguns. Benjamin management ran the Sheridan plant from afar until 1982, when Benjamin closed its plant in St. Louis and merged the two businesses in their new plant on Chicory Road in Racine, WI. (Racine was the birth place of the Sheridan Airgun Company) He then began combining the two airgun lines. The pellet pistols were first and became Benjamin-Sheridan air pistols. Next, the two pump action rifle lines began moving toward each other until there were only minor cosmetic differences separating the Benjamin and Sheridan air rifles. In 1992, the Benjamin-Sheridan airgun operation was purchased by the Crosman Corporation, who continues manufacturing and selling Benjamin-Sheridan air guns to this day. Modern Benjamin Sheridan air rifles and pellet pistols come in all different power sources and 3 calibers including .22, .177 and even big bore .357. All Benjamin .22, .177 cal and .357 co2, break barrel, PCP, pump action and nitro piston air rifles and pellet pistols come in a variety of styles and prices and are known for their amazing reliability and durability. From youngsters learning to use their first co2 or pump action pellet gun, to experienced marksmen using an advanced nitro piston or high powered Benjamin Sheridan PCP air rifle, just about everyone can benefit from using a Benjamin  pellet gun. Regardless of which model you select, you can count on your Benjamin Sheridan air rifle or pistol to have high-end features and benefits, including incredible accuracy and precision, high pellet velocity, smooth and easy cocking and triggering and minimal recoil.

At my online adult airguns store I offer a great selection of .22, .177 cal and .357 pump action, break barrel, co2, nitro and high powered PCP Benjamin-Sheridan pellet pistols, rifles, parts and accessories, at the best possible sales prices. No matter what .177, .22 caliber or .357 Benjamin pellet rifle, pistol, part or accessory you are looking for, I have it and at discounted sales price you can afford. Being an online based airgun’s store, I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional pellet gun stores. These savings allow me to offer these USA made, high powered Benjamin-Sheridan pump action, co2, PCP, break barrel and nitro piston air rifles and pellet pistols, as well as variety of parts and accessories, at everyday cheap discount sales prices. I also provide expert product information and customer service to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best .357, .177 or .22 caliber Benjamin-Sheridan pump action, co2, PCP, break barrel or nitro piston air rifle of pistol for you. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best Benjamin pellet rifle, pistol, part or airgun accessory for you please email me and I will be happy to help.

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