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Have a Lightweight Easy to Carry Airgun with the Power you Need to take down Bigger Targets with a Large Cal Big Bore Pellet Pistol. I offer the Most High Powered and Accurate Big Bore Air Pistols for Sale in a Variety of Large Calibers Perfect for Hunting, Pest Control and Security.

Pistols are lighter and easier to carry than other guns. However, traditionally handguns are not used to take down large targets. This is because most handguns do not have a large enough caliber to pack enough energy to take down bigger animals or are not very accurate at longer distances.  This is not the case for the best big bore air pistols. Big bore air pistols have a large enough caliber pellet and the accuracy you need to take big targets at close and long range.
Big bore pellet pistols are have more knock down power than other caliber airguns because they have larger heavier pellets and the power they need to fire them. Foot Pounds of Energy is what determines the knock down power of an airgun. The larger the target the more Foot Pounds of Energy is needed to take it down. Ft/lbs of Energy is created by pellet velocity and mass. The larger the cal of pellet your air pistol fires the heavier or more mass the pellet has the more power the gun needs to fire it.
The increase of pellet mass and velocity of big bore air pistols results in a lot more ft/lbs of Energy and a lot more knock down power than other caliber air pistols.  Large cal big bore pellet pistols also have longer barrels than other handguns. The longer barrel allows you to shoot much more accurately at much longer distances. Also because big bore air guns fire large cal pellets with more surface space you have a bigger impact wounds creating larger target zones and more human kills even on smaller game.
Here, at my online airguns store I offer high powered extremely accurate big bore large caliber pellet pistols at the best sales prices.  The large cal big bore air pistols I have for sale can take down targets from 46 to 200 lbs depending on the caliber of gun you buy! All of my big bore pellet pistols are extremely accurate and have tactical flash hiders on their barrels. These big bore airguns are great for pest control, hunting and protection. Other sites may offer some large cal big bore air pistols, but none as cool, powerful or accurate as these. If you have any questions about any of other big bore pellet pistols I have for sale please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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