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Get an Accurate, Extremely Consistent, Long Lasting High Powered Airgun Buying a Break Barrel Breech Loaded Handgun. I offer the best .22 and .177 Caliber Break Barrel Pellet Pistols for Sale at the Best Prices.

Most high powered pellet pistols require an external power source that eventually runs out. This causes the handgun to be inconsistent. You also have to spend money and time making sure you air pistol has the power it needs to fire. When accuracy really matters you want an air pistol that is going to shoot pellets at nearly the same velocity and trajectory with each shot. Break barrel breech loaded pellet pistols are some of the best, longest lasting and simple to use handguns that are extremely consistent.  They shoot pellets at almost the exact same trajectory and velocity with each shot giving you the best chance at hitting your target.
You cock break barrel air pistols by holding the handle in one hand, the barrel in the other and then breaking the handgun in half at the breech. The action of breaking the barrel moves a piston backward within the receiver compressing a stout spring behind it. The trigger sear clicks into a notch in the piston holding it in place. You then load the pellet by placing it in the breech. Once the barrel is brought back into position the gun is ready to be fired. After the trigger is pulled the sear releases the piston pushing a column of air forward into the pellet sitting in the breech causing the pellet to move briskly out the handguns barrel towards your target.
At my online airguns store I offer the best break barrel breech loaded pellets pistols for sale at the best prices possible. I offer both .177 caliber and .22 caliber break barrel handguns and the information about them you need to find the best one for you.  All of the break barrel air pistols I offer are under $300 making it easy and affordable for you to get an extremely consistent, long lasting, breech loaded pellet pistol. If you have any questions about any of my break barrel handguns please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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