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Get a Reliable, Accurate and Affordable USA Made Airgun, Buying a Crosman BB or Pellet Gun. I offer a Great Selection of the Best Crosman Pellet and BB Air Guns, in a Variety of Calibers and Types, at everyday Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices, with Free Continental US Ground Shipping.

There are very few names in American airguns as respected, well known or historic as Crosman. When buying an air gun for sale, regardless of what it is going to be used for, you want one that is going to get the job done and is fairly priced. Crosman, is one of the few air gun companies that manufactures a variety of different types of bb and pellet guns that range in prices and ability. No matter what you are going to use your bb or pellet gun for most, Crosman manufactures an airgun that will be perfect. However, no matter what type of Crosman pellet or bb gun you buy, they are all reliable and affordable. This doesn’t mean they are cheap, it just mean that they are priced fairly and do not feature extra unnecessary bells and whistles. Manufacturing quality, reliable and accurate high powered affordable airguns is exactly what Crosman is known for and what has allowed them to stand the test of time.

Crosman Rifle Company was founded in 1923 in Rochester, New York, when Bertram Fenner, who was the Operations Manager for Crosman Brothers Seed Company, reached an agreement with William McLean to produce pellets and an airgun that was based on McLean’s design. Two years later, businessman Frank Hahn purchased Crosman Brothers Air Rifle Company and renamed it Crosman Arms. Frank’s son, P.Y. Hahn, was who ran the young air guns company and was the driving force behind Crosman Arms for their first 50 years! The first Crosman bb and pellet guns were similar to other American made airguns of the time and were used primarily for introducing new shooters to guns. However P.Y. Hahn, like his father, was a very good businessman and was able to get his bbs, pellets and air guns into more sporting goods stores and catalogs than most of his competitors. He also understood how to market and price his air guns properly for American consumers of the time.

Crosman Arms also invested money into research and development and made numerous industry advancements. For example in the 1930s, Crosman began experimenting with CO2 powered airguns. Like other all the CO2 powered bb and pellet guns of the time, Crosman’s were bulk fill air guns. This meant that liquid CO2 was loaded into a pressurized reservoir directly in the gun. Soon other pellet and bb gun manufacturers started to using the same 8 gram disposable CO2 cartridges that were used in soda pop dispensers. In 1954 Crosman capitalized on this and introduced a new 12 gram disposable CO2 cylinder, called a Powerlet. The new Crosman Powerlet CO2 cartridge provided more shots than the small 8 gram soda cartridges. This saved shooters money and time not having to replace their CO2 cartridges as often or having to fill the bb or pellet gun with liquid CO2.  Today, the 12 gram Crosman Powerlet is used by nearly all CO2 airgun manufactures. This is just one example of Crosman’s early innovations that helped make pellet and bb guns what they are today.

In 1960 after nearly 40 years of being a family owned company Crosman Arms was acquired by the Bangor Punta Corp. (An American conglomerate and Fortune 500 Company that was in existence and owned a variety of well know companies from 1964 to 1984.)  However, control of the company and day to day operations of Crosman Arms remained in the control of P.Y. Hahn until 1971, when The Coleman Company, Inc. acquired Crosman. Coleman maintained control of Crosman for nearly 20 years, when in August 1990, the company was acquired by Pexco Holdings, Inc. While not the most innovative, Pexco Holdings, Inc. did acquire important assets for the Crosman company. In July 1991 Crosman acquired the Visible Impact Target Company. In February, 1992 they were also able to acquire the Benjamin Sheridan Corporation.  The Benjamin Airguns company was one of the first US company to manufacture and sell high end German and European style pellet guns in the US. These were both major additions to the Crosman company and allowed them to dramatically improve their air guns and optics. Keeping the Benjamin name and line separate, Crosman has continued the tradition of Benjamin air guns being the dominant U.S. manufacturer of high-end pneumatic and CO2 powered pellet guns.

In January, 1997, Crosman was acquired by an American investment group whose focus on market expansion, new product development and the company’s core strengths has seemingly re-energize Crosman. Sense their acquisition of Crosman there has been numerous important innovations, achievements and milestones including:

·       2003 Crosman designs and manufactures the first US-made break barrel air rifle
·       2008 Benjamin Discovery debuts as industry’s first “affordable” pre-charged pneumatic air rifle
·       2010 Crosman introduces Nitro Piston break barrel airgun technology, reducing noise by 70%
·       2011 Crosman’s Benjamin Rogue big bore .357 is unveiled as first large caliber hunting air rifle
·       2013 Crosman celebrates 90 years of manufacturing affordable, high quality bb and pellet guns

Today, Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman pellet and BB guns. The company employs more than 300 people in the US and markets and sells affordable high powered bb and pellet guns around the world. Crosman is seen by their peers and air guns enthusiasts as a leader and pioneer in the pellet and bb gun industry. If you are looking for a quality, affordable, American made airgun, a Crosman is one of the best choices. Regardless of the why you are buying a bb or pellet gun or what you are going to be using it for most. Just make sure to keep in mind that Crosman makes almost every kind and type of air gun. Before buying a Crosman, it is a good idea to review the bb or pellet gun’s information, to make sure it is the best Crosman airgun for your needs.

At my online airguns store I offer a great selection of the best Crosman bb and pellet guns, on sale at everyday cheap discount prices. Being an online based air guns store I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional bb and pellet guns dealers. These savings allow me to offer the best Crosman pellet and bb guns at everyday cheap discount sales prices with Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US.  I also provide detailed information and high resolution photos for each of the Crosman airguns I have for sale, to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best Crosman bb or pellet gun for you. No matter what your budget is or the type of air guns you are looking for I have the best Crosman pellet or bb gun for you and make easy and affordable for you to buy. If you have any questions about any of the Crosman airguns I have for sale or need help finding the best one for you, send me an email and I will be happy to help. 

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