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I Know What You are Thinking...

Get the Best Most Precise and Powerful Airgun for Target Shooting or Hunting with a DayState Air Rifle. I offer the Tactical Air Ranger, Huntsman XL, Hunter Classic, Wolverine, Air Wolf, Panther, MK4 and other High Powered DayState PCP Air Rifles for Sale at the Best Prices.

No 30-Day Trial Period!

That is why I offer you the option of thoroughly testing Yours before I ship it to You.

Others may not tell you this up front... but I will- I will not mislead you. DayState's policy is: once they are sold, they stay sold... once you receive it, it is considered a "used" gun and therefore no longer new and cannot be taken back and sold as new. If there is a mal-function, you are covered of course under the manufacturer's warranty and I will make those arrangements for you. There is no 30-day trial period like there is for other air guns on my website. So please be sure that you want one of these air guns before you place your order. That is why I test yours thoroughly before I ship it to you. If it is not right, you will never see it. Again, I will not be able to accept a DayState return for any reason.

Thorough Testing Option: Order your DayState pellet rifle today with free Continental USA ground shipping and I will pressure test it for 5 days (24 hrs is not enough) and then run the ballistics on it to find the magic pellet for you. And, if you buy a scope and rings at the same time, I will zero your scope to the hole created by the magic pellet. Takes about a week to get to me, a approximately a week for testing and then shipping to you. Meanwhile, you will be able to place a separate order for your magic pellets and everything should land about the same time. Once you receive your DayState pellet rifle and magic pellets, all you will have to do is take aim and start hitting your bulls-eye!!... I know what you are thinking... you are correct- the guesswork is eliminated.

There are times when only the best will do. If you are a serious hunter or really care about the precision, accuracy and power of your airgun you need a Daystate air rifle. Daystate air rifles are built with the highest degree of precision, quality, technologically advanced designs and materials producing some of the best high powered PCP air rifles with deadly precision, accuracy and power for hunting and shooting targets.

DayState is UK airgun manufacture that began its climb to the top manufacture of high quality precision PCP air rifles in 1978 with a tranquilizer pellet rifle used to take down dangerous animals. As DayState’s reputation grew a well established varmint eradication company called, “British Rentokill” commissioned DayState to make a pest control/extermination air rifle known as the Air Ranger which became the father of the high powered pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns that we have today. New models of the Air Ranger are today cutting edge tactical air rifles that are second to none and continue to be a popular and great choice for hunters and precision target shooters.

Since the commission of the Air Ranger DayState has stayed on the cutting edge of airgun innovation. They are the first air gun manufacture to harness compressed air power and apply mapped capacitor technology to control air pressure, accuracy and firing capabilities. These things changed the industry and have been perfected by DayState. DayState’s uncompromising high quality approach to manufacturing their airguns has made them the Rolls Royce of PCP pellet rifles. Air rifles such as the Huntsman XL, Hunter Classic, Wolverine, Air Wolf, Panther, MK4 and Tactical Air Ranger are just a few examples of DayState's modern air rifles that have yet again set the standard for the industries best.

Here I offer a huge selection of the best and most popular DayState air rifles including but not limited to the Tactical Air Ranger, Huntsman XL, Hunter Classic, Wolverine, Air Wolf, Panther and MK4 in variety of different calibers. I also provide the information you need about their different high powered hunting and target shooting air rifles to find the best high powered Daystate air rifle for you.

I also thoroughly test each air rifle and will let you know what the magic pellet is before shipping it to you. These are things that happen nowhere else. For more information on testing and DayState policies read the paragraph below. While DayState airguns are never cheap being an online based pellet gun store I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional gun stores. These savings are passed to you allowing me to offer the best prices possible on DayState and all the other air guns and pellet rifles for sale. If you have any questions please let me know and I will be more than happy to help. 

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