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Get a Versatile, Fast Firing AirSoft Gun that can Fire BBs in Semi-Auto and Fully Automatic modes, by Buying a Good Battery Powered Electric AirSoft Gun (AEG). Here, you can buy the Best High Powered Battery Operated Electric AEG AirSoft Guns, at Cheap Online Sales Prices

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Electric Battery Powered AirSoft Guns (AEGs)

In an airsoft match you never know exactly what is going to happen or what type of situations you will find yourself in. This is why it is so important to buy a versatile airsoft gun that is able to handle a variety of tactical situations. This is one of the things that make cheap and the best high powered battery operated electric airsoft guns (AEGs) such a great choice for both beginners and pros.  Electric battery operated airsoft guns are also called "automatic electric guns" or AEGs, because they can be fired in full auto and semi-automatic modes. Most battery powered electric airsoft guns for sale also have 3 round or other burst firing options. Having the choice of firing your AEG airsoft gun in semi- automatic, burst or full-auto gives you the versatility and fire power you need for any airsoft scenario. Cheap beginner and the best high powered battery operated electric airsoft BB guns are also really good for target shooting and having fun playing in the backyard.

Automatic electric airsoft guns come for sale in a variety of price ranges, styles and abilities.  Good starter level electric airsoft BB guns for kids and beginners are really pretty cheap. They can be found for sale online for under $100 and attain muzzle velocities from 150 – 300 ft/sec.  Intermediate AEGs and the best and most powerful electric airsoft guns range in price from $100 -$500 and attain muzzle velocities of 650 ft/sec or more!  Besides being powerful, battery operated electric airsoft guns are also fully automatic. Cheap fully automatic starter level AEGs, good intermediate battery operated airsoft guns and the best high powered electric airsoft guns firing speeds vary, but all fire BBs very quickly. Starter level electric airsoft guns when in full auto have fire rates that typically range between 100 – 500 BBs per minute.  Good intermediate and the best high powered battery operated electric airsoft guns, while in full auto fire 500 - 1500 BBs per minute!

With that type of BB firing speed AEG airsoft guns allow you to provide cover fire for teammates as well as give you second, third, fourth and even fifth chances at targets before they even know you are shooting at them. When used in semi auto firing mode both cheap AEGs and the best high powered electric airsoft guns can fire BBs as fast as you can pull and release the trigger, but allow you the time you need to take aim and increase accuracy. Whether you want to buy a relatively cheap good starter level AEG or are looking to buy the best high powered battery operated airsoft gun, there is a versatile electric airsoft gun for sale that can be fired in semi-automatic and full-auto that is perfect for you. Buying a good electric airsoft gun will give you the speed and versatility you need to give you and make shooting in the backyard that much more fun.

How Battery Operated Electric Airsoft Gun AEGs Work:

Electric AEG airsoft guns use rechargeable batteries to power an electric motor, which cycles an internal spring piston assembly in order to propel the airsoft BBs. When you pull the trigger of an AEG airsoft gun the battery sends power to the motor cycling the internal assembly and compressing the piston against the spring.  Once the piston is released, it is driven forward by the spring, pushing the BB into the chamber, forward, through and out the barrel of the electric battery operated AEG airsoft gun.  Most electric airsoft guns for sale are powered by nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH) with varying voltages and milliamp per hour ratings. The most common battery used for AEG airsoft guns is a good 8.4 V large battery, between 2200 and 5000 mAh. However, there are also "mini" and "stick" electric airsoft gun batteries, which generally have 900–1600 mAh capacities. Voltages for NiMH electric AEG airsoft gun batteries range from cheap 7.2 V, all the way up to the best high powered 12v batteries. The rules of thumb usually being the higher the mAh, the longer of a life span the battery will have. The higher the voltage, the higher the rate of fire the battery operated electric AEG airsoft gun will have while being fired in full auto and burst modes. Recently, Lithium-Polymer, or Li-po, electric airsoft gun batteries have started becoming more popular. These electric AEG airsoft gun batteries are small, light and can last longer, have higher mAh and more volts than other batteries.

Why Buy Battery Powered Electric AEG Airsoft Guns from Me:

At my airsoft guns and supplies store I offer a great selection of good high powered electric battery operated AEG airsoft guns at cheap online sales prices. Whether you are looking to buy a cheap beginner level AEG, a good all around intermediate battery powered airsoft gun or the best high powered electric airsoft gun we have the best semi automatic and full auto firing electric airsoft BB gun for you, at cheap online sales price you can afford. Being an online based retail airsoft store I do not have the overhead of traditional airgun stores. These savings allow me to offer top rated cheap beginner AEGs, good intermediate electric airsoft guns and the best high powered battery operated airsoft guns, at the everyday cheap online sales prices, with Free Shipping in the Continental US on orders over $149.99. I also provide detailed product information and high quality pictures to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best semi automatic and full auto firing electric airsoft BB gun for you.

If you have any questions or need any help finding the best battery powered AEG airsoft gun for you please send me an email and one of our electric airsoft gun experts will be happy to help.