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Help Teach Beginners, Practice your Skills and Legally Hunt and Kill Small 0-5 lb Animals and Pests with the Best Squirrel Hunting Pellet Gun. At my Online Airguns Store I offer a Big Selection of the Best .177 and .22 Caliber Pellet Rifles and Air Pistols, at Cheap Discount Sales Prices, Perfect for Hunting Squirrels and Cotton Tail Rabbits as well as Killing Small 0-5 lb Pests like Crows, Live Pigeons, Rats and Skunks.

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Crows, Cotton Tail Rabbits, Skunks, Tree Squirrels, Coots, Rats, Pigeons, Mergansers, Barn Swallows, Starlings

One of the first things most hunters learn how shoot as a little kids are squirrels, cotton tail rabbits, crows, pigeons and other small pests in the backyard, with a bb gun or high powered pellet rifle. This is because air guns are quiet and do not bother the neighbors, are not going to cause damage to things other than the squirrels or other small 0 – 5 lb animals being hunted. They also do not require licensing, hunting permits and other registration to shoot legally. The best .177 and .22 Cal bb and pellet pistols and air rifles for sale, made specifically for hunting squirrels, cotton tails and other small game or killing rats, crows, pigeons and other small pests, are also great for teaching gun and hunter safety. They also help get beginning hunters and shooters comfortable with rifles and pistols. Being able to hunt small animals and kill pests in the backyard with the best squirrel hunting / crow killing pellet rifle or air pistol is great for beginners, because it provides lots of opportunities to practice.

Besides being good for beginners to learn with, the best .22 and .177 caliber squirrel hunting and pest killing airguns, are also great for seasoned shooter s that enjoy hunting squirrels, cotton tail rabbits and other small animals. They are also good if you have a crow, rat, pigeon or other (0 – 5 lb) pest problem and need a good air rifle or pellet pistol to kill them. You cannot kill rats, crows, squirrels, cotton tails or any other animal in most areas with a regular traditional firearm; whether you have a license or not. If you live anywhere within city and in some cases county limits, you cannot discharge a traditional firearm outside of a gun range, with the exception of self defense. Nor would you want to. Killing squirrels, rats and other small 0-5 lb animals with a regular high powered rifle or pistol is like killing a bore with a grenade. The best .177 and .22 caliber squirrel hunting air rifles and pellet pistols for sale are the best guns for killing rats, crows, pigeons and other small pests, as well as for hunting small animals like cotton tail rabbits. This is because you can use them and shoot these animals legally (in most places) in your backyard.  And while seasoned hunters may not need practice in general gun safety, we all need to practice hunting and shooting live targets to keep our skills sharp. Hunting squirrels, cotton tail rabbits, and other small animals as well as killing crows, live pigeons, rats, and other small fast moving pests is much better practice than shooting stationary targets at the range.

When buying the best squirrel hunting air rifles and pellet pistols, it is important to find one for sale that makes sense for the person you are buying the airgun for and what they are going to be using it for most. There are many different .177 and .22 caliber air rifles and pellet pistols for sale capable of hunting and killing a variety of small 0-5 lb animals and pests. Depending on the skill level of the hunter, the distance they or you will be shooting at, the types of features and accessories you want, the level of precision and other factors determines what squirrel hunting pellet gun is best. This is why it is a good idea to review the .177 or .22 cal airgun’s specs, before making a purchase, to make sure it is the best squirrel hunting air rifle for you. You can also send me an email with any question you have and I will be happy to help. However, regardless of your budget, skill level, whether you will be hunting cotton tail rabbits, or killing pigeons, crows, rats, skunks and other small 0 – 5 lb pests there is a .177 or .22 cal squirrel pellet rifle or air pistol for sale that is perfect.

At my online airguns store I offer the best .17 and .22 caliber pellet rifles and pistols perfect for hunting small animals like squirrels and cotton tail rabbits as well as killing 0–5 lb pests such as rats, crows, pigeons and skunks. Whether being used primarily as an introduction to hunting and gun safety, pest control, practice or real hunting I have the best pellet rifle or air pistol for you and make it easy and affordable to buy. All of the air guns for sale in this section are perfect for hunting squirrels, killing crows and other small animals. I also provide detailed product information and photos to make it easy for you to find the best squirrel or cotton tail rabbit hunting pellet rifle for you. Being an online based airguns store allows me to offer a bigger selection than traditional stores, as well as saves me money in overhead. This translates to a huge selection of the best squirrel hunting air rifles and pistols, on sale at everyday cheap discount sales prices. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best .177 or .22 cal pellet rifle or pistol for hunting squirrels, cotton tail rabbits and other small animals or killing crows, pigeons, rats or other 0-5lb pests, send me an email and I will be happy to help.

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