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I Know What You are Thinking...

With the  FX fixed muffler and shroud setup, if the threaded end cap on the shroud is not pressed onto the shroud so that it is in perfect parallel alignment with the bore of the barrel, the "stacked" muffler assembly will not align with the bore of the barrel. the result is "clipping" caused by the pellet slightly nicking the muzzle end of the muffler because it not indexed perfectly to the barrel inside the shroud. I have experienced groups anywhere from 3mm clear up to 44mm when testing!

The solution is to get rid of the the FX fixed muffler assembly all together. The stock FX barrel is precision center bored and the threads on the muzzle end with a perfectly machined shoulder that will allow the Dirt E. Harry Precision Muffler to index perfectly to the bore of the stock barrel- 0mm groups!.

Up to .25 caliber the Dirt E. Harry Precision Muffler is $295.95 and are anodized black with a black muzzle cap. The .30 caliber Dirt E. Harry Precision Muffler
is $395.95, is anodized black with an aluminum muzzle cap because the baffles inside are interlocking to withstand energy over 50 ft/lbs.

Let me know what flavor(s) you would like to order, and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

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