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Strongest, Most Powerful, Police Grade, Non Lethal, Mace Brand Pepper Spray Guns
The Perfect Self Defense Weapons against would be Attackers,
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Mace Pepper GunMace Pepper Gun
Mace Pepper Gun Refills

Mace Pepper Gun Refills

Mace Pepper Gun Holsters

Mace Pepper Gun Holsters

Pepper Spray HolderPepper Spray Holder
JPX Jet Protector Refills

JPX Jet Protector Refills

JPX Jet Protector OC MagazineJPX Jet Protector OC Magazine

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Crime is an unfortunate but real part of our society. Being a victim of a crime is one of the worst feelings and experiences you can go through. Not only because of what was taken or the physical damage done, but the feelings of helplessness and trauma that comes after. The best way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim is to be alert and prepared. Most people when thinking of self defense weapons think about gun powder powered fire arms. However these can be extremely difficult to carry and get to quickly when needed, because they are heavy and bulky; not to mention extremely dangerous. You cannot turn on the news without hearing about an accidental shooting. Not only that, but using a lethal weapon is not easy and killing someone would be tough to live with. Using a non lethal light weight compact self defense weapons like Mace guns and pepper spray do not require permits to carry or buy, are small and easy to conceal making them easy to get to quickly when needed. Mace guns and pepper spray allow you from a distance, or if snuck up on at close range, to deliver a strong and continuous stream of highly concentrated police grade pepper oil that will cause temporary blindness, sneezing, coughing, and severe pain that will prevent your attacker from being able to function for approximately forty-five minutes. This will allow you to take control of the situation and provide the time you need to vacate the scene and call 911. Mace guns and pepper spray are extremely effective at debilitating an attacker and easy to use.

Here, you will find a selection of the strongest and easiest to use self-defense Mace guns and pepper spray that are small, light weight, and easy to conceal. All of my Mace guns and pepper spray have been hand selected for their proven ability in real life situations. Because I am a smaller Internet based company without huge overhead, employee and other costs of bigger self defense product suppliers I am able to cut these costs and offer the best discount prices on the most effective personal Mace guns, pepper spray and other self protection weapons as well as provide you with personal customer service unmatched by big websites that are mostly order taking sites.  I know what you are thinking.... do I really offer personal service, cheap discount prices and the best mace and pepper spray guns? The question you have to ask yourself (when dealing with anyone else is)... Do I feel lucky?... well do ya? Here it is not about luck, I flat out provide the best self defense mace and pepper spray guns with the biggest punch (no weenie, ineffective, rinky-dink or cheap, weak ones)... also, the best prices, and information. Don't be like the message says in the Fortune Cookie. Do yourself a favor (you know you gots to know)... take the next step and place your order- and Make, My, Day!!... Dirt E. Harry