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Get a Self Contained Spring Piston Airgun great for Hunting and Pest Control that is Fast and Easy to Cock and Load, Buying a Fixed Barrel Over-Lever Pellet Pistol. I offer the Best Spring Powered Over Lever Fixed Barrel Air Pistols, at Discount Online Sales Prices, with Free Continental US Ground Shipping.

.177 Beeman P17 OverLever Pellet Pistol.177 Beeman P17 OverLever Pellet Pistol
.177 Cometa Indian Air Pistol, Black.177 Cometa Indian Air Pistol, Black
.177 Cometa Indian Air Pistol, Nickel.177 Cometa Indian Air Pistol, Nickel
.177 Beeman P1- Iron Sights.177 Beeman P1- Iron Sights
.22 Beeman P1- Iron Sights.22 Beeman P1- Iron Sights
.177 Weihrauch HW75.177 Weihrauch HW75
.22 Beeman P11.22 Beeman P11
.177 Beeman P11.177 Beeman P11
.177 Beeman P1 Stainless.177 Beeman P1 Stainless
.22 Beeman P1 Stainless.22 Beeman P1 Stainless
Hunting and target shooting with high powered airguns, such as the best spring piston powered, over lever fixed barrel pellet pistols, in North America has seen substantial and sustained growth over the last few years. More and more people are either making the switch or adding a high powered pellet gun, like a fixed barrel over-lever air pistol, to their collection for a variety of reasons. When purchasing a high powered air pistol for pest control or serious target shooing you really have two options; a pre-charged pneumatics or PCP handgun, which are pellet pistols filled with a high pressure air source. They are compact, accurate, powerful, recoilless, and effective with large caliber pellets. However, they are also expensive, require additional gear and equipment to keep them filled, and are reliant on an external power source, which when running low can cause pellets velocities and trajectories to vary.

The other (and most commonly used) power plant is the spring piston airgun. Spring loaded air pistols are available in both break and fixed barrel over lever handguns.  The primary advantages of a spring loaded, over lever fixed barrel pellet pistols and other spring powered handguns are they are fully self-contained, can be very powerful , extremely accurate, and as a rule cost less than PCPs. They do have a bit more recoil and, and require more effort to cock, as a strong metal spring must be compressed to cock the spring piston airgun. Fixed barrel over-lever pellet pistols are just as accurate and powerful as other spring loaded pistols, but are typically fast and easier for people to cock, because of lever. With a fixed barrel spring piston air pistol you are able to quickly and easily grab and cock the over lever of fixed barrel spring piston air pistol without having to awkwardly break the barrel to load and cock it.

Fixed Barrel over-lever pellet pistols generate power by using a powerful spring-loaded piston that is housed within a compression chamber of the spring piston handgun. Cocking the airgun by using the over lever mechanism causes the piston assembly to compress the metal spring. Pulling the trigger releases the tightly compressed spring, pushing the piston forward and compressing a column of air in the chamber behind the pellet. The best highest powered fixed barrel over lever spring piston power plants, are capable of projecting pellets at supersonic velocities! Although, it is important to note that effectiveness of an airgun as a hunting tool, is not solely a based on muzzle / pellet velocity.

At my adult online airgun’s store I offer a great selection of the best over-lever fixed barrel spring piston pellet pistols, at the lowest possible online sales prices. The fixed barrel over lever air pistols I have for sale, are beautiful spring powered airguns that are extremely accurate and powerful. If you are looking for a powerful, consistent pest or small game hunting handgun that doesn’t require an external power source and isn’t too expensive, these over-lever fixed barrel pellet pistols are a great choice. Being an online based high powered adult airgun store I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional brick and mortar stores or larger online dealers, which are mostly order taking sites without any real information or personal service. These savings are passed directly to you allowing me to offer the best spring loaded fixed barrel over-lever pellet pistols, at everyday discount sales prices with Free Ground Shipping in the Continental USA. I also provide detailed descriptions, specs and quality pictures to make it as easy as possible for you find and buy the best fixed barrel over-lever spring piston pellet pistol for you.

If you have any questions or need any help find the best high powered and self contained over lever fixe barrel air pistol for you, send me an email and I will be happy to help. 

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