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Always be able to Use your Pellet Rifle or Pistol and Get better Performance by Buying Plenty of the Best Airgun Ammo. I have for Sale a Huge Selection of Air Gun Pellets Available in all Types and Calibers and Provide the Information you need to find the Best Ammo for Your Airgun.

Regardless of the reasons why you use your airgun you have to have pellets to use it. There is nothing worse than running out of ammo and not being able to continue to target shoot, hunt or take care of those pesky pests. Having plenty of extra pellets on hand at all times will ensure you will be able to always use and enjoy your air rifle or pistol. The modern lead pellets we now shoot in our airguns don’t cost much when compared with other projectiles, they're widely available, and are amazingly efficient for their size.
Depending on the caliber of your airgun determines what caliber of pellets you need. It is important to purchase the proper caliber ammo or the pellets will not work. Besides caliber, the correct pellet selection is a matter of finding the best pellet for your air rifle or pistol.  I suggest you try a number of different pellets and shoot each one from a benchrest to determine its potential accuracy in your airgun. 5,000 rounds of air gun ammo is only about $110-$120. So, don't short-change your airgun or its performance by being afraid to try several different kinds of pellets. The ammo is the least expensive aspect of our sport. Don't be afraid to experiment a little.
Weight and shape of the pellet is also very important. Generally speaking, air rifles can shoot heavier pellets than air pistols. This is because air rifles have larger air chambers that create the increased amounts of energy required to effectively propel the heavier pellets down the bore and strike their intended target. Many match-quality rifles produce only enough energy to move an eight-grain wadcutter pellet at 650 fps.; but they do so with extreme consistency, so they're very accurate. Air pistols are also capable of outstanding accuracy, but they're limited to lighter pellet selection.
The basic rule of thumb in matching a pellet to your particular air rifle or pistol is lower-powered airguns need a lighter pellet, and the higher-powered airguns or magnums can use heavier ammo. It is important though to keep in mind the difference between "needs" and "can use." For example, you can load your .177 Benjamin HB17 with 11.5-grain Silver Arrows, but that air pistol lacks the piston volume to efficiently push that heavy pellet effectively. Pellet velocity will drop, and the pellet’s trajectory will have a rainbow shape. A lower-powered pistol or rifle will perform its best with pellets ranging between 6.5 grains and 8 grains in weight.
The opposite example of this is a .177 RWS 48 that would push that same 6.5-grain pellet faster than 1,100 fps. The skirt of that pellet would probably deform the instant you pulled the trigger and never stabilize in flight resulting in extremely poor accuracy.  Most .177-caliber magnum-powered airguns perform their best with pellets heavier than 7.5 grains in weight. Even though the weight will be increased for the .20-caliber and .22-caliber airguns, the theory of pellet selection is still the same.
The majority of the air gun pellets today are made in the diabolo shape. They're larger on both ends and have a thin waist area in the center. That waist area separates the head from the skirt. The diabolo shape is extremely efficient in the chamber and bore, as well as in flight because of its self-stabilizing design. The head of the diabolo pellet is always inserted into the chamber first so the thinner skirt area can expand upon firing and form a seal around the outside edge of the chamber.
Diabolo pellets are further broken down into four other types, designated by head design. There are wadcutter, pointed, round nose and hollowpoint pellets. The head design is what determines the primary usage of the pellet. Below I will list each of the head designs, and what usage is considered best for that particular pellet. No matter what type of ammo you choose make sure to always buy high-quality pellets from established manufacturers. If you're at a local gun show or at other online sits and see some low-priced airgun ammo for sale, resist the temptation to buy those so-called bargain pellets. They won't be a bargain if they stick in the bore or damage your air rifle or pistol. Spending a little bit more upfront on quality air gun ammo will ensure they do not damage your gun saving you money in the long run.
Wadcutter Ammo:
The wadcutter head is flat with a slight bevel on the edge. It has long been thought of as the most accurate. For many years, they were used exclusively in target competitions. They are lightweight, provide maximum velocities and usually cost less than other designs. Most airguns are test-fired at the factory using wadcutter pellets. The wadcutter ammo is best for 10-meter target shooting or informal short range plinking. The flat face cuts a sharp-edged hole in paper targets, so they’re easier and more accurate to score. Wadcutter pellets are also used for small game hunting. They cut larger round channels and are as efficient as hollowpoints at close range, about 25 yards or less. At longer distances, they lose their stability and accuracy, being designed for 10-meter shooting at their best.
Pointed Ammo:
The pointed pellet really is the best choice for hunting and humane, one-shot kills on small game and are very accurate. But they do cost more than most other air gun ammo, and their pointed design is very destructive on indoor targets. So for informal plinking and target work they are not the best, but if you're in the field hunting game, the pointed pellet cannot be beat. The head of pointed pellets end in a very sharp point that provides maximum penetration on small game. The waist area of pointed pellets is larger in diameter for increased weight without unbalancing the front-to-rear weight distribution, which would destroy accuracy.
Some pointed pellets have forward-driving bands. These are flat bands around the head that increase the surface area that engages the rifling. Increased rifling engagement provides better accuracy and longer range, but it also increases pellet-to-bore friction that must be overcome or velocity will suffer. This is why pellets with forward-driving bands work best in magnum air rifles. If you use a standard-velocity air rifle or pistol for hunting, choose a pointed pellet without forward-driving bands.
Round Nose Ammo:
Round nose ammo is used for hunting at maximum ranges. Round nose pellets have a protruding area ahead of the driving band that increases the pellet's overall weight and provides increased knock-down power. The round shape also helps decrease wind resistance. As airguns became more powerful and provided faster velocities, round nose bullets were developed because a heavier projectile will have greater retained kinetic energy and greater resistance to wind than lighter ammo. Round nose pellets work best in magnum-powered air rifles. If you own a standard velocity air rifle or pistol the round nose pellet is not the best choice.
Hollowpoint Ammo:
The hollowpoint design is an extension of the wadcutter shape. The idea behind their development is the need for a reliable expanding pellet that assures one-shot kills at shorter ranges and at lower velocities. Their shape provides the efficient flight characteristics of the wadcutter combined with the increased knock-down power of the round nose. However, unlike round nose ammo hollow point pellets can be used in air pistols and rifles that have lower velocities. Many shooters consider the hollowpoint to be somewhat of a compromise, but I think it's a pellet that really fills the need if you own one airgun and want to use it as both a plinker and sports gun.
Here, I have for sale a huge selection of ammo for airguns of all calibers. I offer pellets of all 4 head shapes in variety of weights and all calibers. I also provide the information you need to find the best ammo for you air gun. No matter what type of air rifle or pistol you own, its caliber or what you use it for I have the best pellets for you. Being an online based airguns store I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional air rifle and pistol stores. These savings allow me to offer the best ammo for sale everyday discount prices. I make it easy and affordable for you to get the best pellets for your airgun. If you have any questions about any of the pellets I have for sale please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you find the best ammo for your air rifle or pistol.

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