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I Know What You are Thinking...
The Dirt E. Harry Regulator
Don't Honk at Granny!

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When Parallax is properly adjusted, your target looks like it has the Cross-Hairs painted on it no matter where you move your head.

Let's say for example that you are hunting tree squirrels at 25 yards. If your parallax is not properly adjusted you can miss with the magic pellet even though you had centered your cross-hairs on the squirrel and pulled the trigger. To set your parallax, put your cross hairs on the tree and move your head back and forth... if your cross hairs move your parallax is not set. Try 30 yards and see what happens- in this case the cross hairs still move. Slowly feather the parallax adjustment back to say 27 or 28 yards and when the cross hairs stop moving you have your parallax set! Now, when you center the squirrel in your cross-hairs and pull the trigger, you will drop it like a bad habit!!

If you have searched with words or phrases like "Can't fill up my PCP," "PCP air gun does not load air," "Air escapes from my PCP air gun" or "What to do if air escapes from my PCP air gun," then you have come to the correct location! In this World Famous Suspense Filled Dirt E. Harry Thriller, I will show you how to stop the air from escaping when you are filling or charging your PCP air gun.

Problem: the firing valve is stuck in the open position letting air escape.

Solution: Put your air gun in a gun vise or sit down and hold it in your lap. Cock your air gun (it has to be cocked). Install the probe or inflating device and start the air. With air escaping, support the receiver (trigger area) with one hand and tap on the top of the receiver or scope attachment rail with a rubber hammer. You are listening for a "click." Once you hear the "click" the firing valve will close, the air will stop escaping and you will be able to fill your air gun to its capacity. If the firing valve does not close, pull the trigger and fire your air gun in a safe direction with no pellets (dry fire), cock your air gun again and repeat the process.

If you are using a hand pump, another person must pump while you are performing the process. I hope this helps you.

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