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Target Shoot and Hunt from Long Distances without the Hassle, Headache and Expense of a Gunpowder Rifle with a Modern High Powered PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic ) Air Rifle. I offer the best .177, .25 and .22 cal as well Big Bore .50 and other caliber PCP Pellet Rifles for sale at Best Possible Prices.

If you like to hunt game and shoot targets from a long distance, but don’t want the expensive hassles, headaches and registration of buying a traditional rifle you need one of the best most high powered big bore air rifles. A .177, .22, .25 or big bore .50 cal pellet rifle that has the energy to hit your target with the authoritative knock down power and accuracy needed for hunting and long range target shooting. However, toy BB guns and most air rifles for sale do not provide that type of power.
Modern high powered PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) pellet rifles are the closest thing to gun powder rifles that you can buy without needing a permit. Because PCP pellet rifles are powered by pre-charged pneumatic compressed air not gun powder they are not considered a firearm and therefore do not require a permit or registration. The best PCP air rifles for sale are extremely powerful. With the right caliber and rifle you can hunt almost any size game as well as target shoot from distances up to 50 yards.
 High powered PCP pellet rifles are available in .177, .25, .22 caliber pellets as well as big bore 9mm, .357, .45 and .50 cals. The best .177 cal pcp air rifles for sale are precise and perfect for hunting as well as shooting targets at a considerable distance. 22 and .25 cal pcp air rifles are perfect for small to medium sized game while the big bore .45 and .50 cals  will take down a deer. A modern .22 caliber pcp air rifle with 60 foot pounds of energy will put a 32 grain pellet with a velocity of 920 feet per second clear through a Douglas fir 2x12 and a high powered big bore .50 caliber pre-charged pneumatic air rifle with 185 foot pounds of energy will put a 275 grain pellet traveling 550 feet per second clean through the same 2x12 with a huge exit hole.
At my online adult pellet gun store you will find a great selection of modern high powered and accurate pcp air rifles in various calibers and velocities for sale at the best prices possible. I also provide the most complete information that you will need about my pre-charged pneumatic pellet rifles for sale making it easy to find the best .177, .22, .25, big bore .50 cal or other caliber hunting or long range target shooting pcp air rifle for you. Because I am a smaller internet based air gun store without huge overhead, employee and other costs of bigger pcp air rifle suppliers I am able to offer the most affordable sales prices on the best high powered pcp pellet rifles. I also provide you with personal customer service unmatched by big air rifle websites that are mostly order taking sites. If you don’t find the .177, .22, .25 cal, big bore or other caliber pcp air rifle you need here give me a call and I will be more than happy to assist you.
I know what you are thinking.... do I really offer personal service, cheap discount prices and the best high powered  pcp hunting and target shooting pellet rifles? The question you have to ask yourself (when buying a modern pre-charged pneumatic air gun from anyone else is)... Do I feel lucky?... well do ya? Here it is not about luck, I flat out provide the best high powered .22, .25, .177, big bore and other cal pcp pellet rifles, the most affordable sales prices, and quality information. Don't be like the message says in the Fortune Cookie. Do yourself a favor (you know you gots to know)... take the next step and place your order for your pcp air rifle right now- and Make, My, Day!!... Dirt E. Harry.

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