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Fire Pellets much faster without having to Constantly Reload Your Air Gun with a Magazine Fed Lever or Bolt Action Repeater. I offer both Lever Action and Bolt Action .22 and other Caliber Pellet Guns at the Best Sales Prices.

Constantly having to load your air gun one pellet at a time is slow and quickly becomes cumbersome. Being able to shoot pellets more quickly will allow you to have more fun target shooting and give you more chances when firing at pests or small game. Unlike most high powered pellet guns and target shooting airguns, magazine fed bolt and lever action repeaters allow you to fire multiple shots without have to reload after each one. 
To load a lever or bolt action repeating airgun you load a magazine or rotary clip with .22 or other caliber pellets and then load the magazine in the gun. Once the rotary clip is loaded you are able to fire the first pellet. After firing, using the bolt or lever action will rotate the magazine, moving the next pellet into the firing position. You are able to continue or “repeat” shooting like this without reloading until all pellets have been fired from the magazine. There are .22 and many other calibers, type, powers and sizes of repeating bolt action and lever action air guns with rotary clip sizes ranging from 4 to 12 pellets.  Depending on how much power you need and what you are most often going to use your pellet gun for determines what bolt or lever action repeater is best for. Regardless of your wants or needs a .22 or other caliber lever or bolt action repeating air gun will allow you to shoot a lot more pellets a whole lot faster than most other airguns.  
At my online high powered airguns store I offer a great selection of the best .22 and other caliber magazine fed repeating bolt and lever action pellet guns. All of my lever and bolt action repeating air guns are from top manufactures known for manufacturing the best lever and bolt action repeaters as well as other top rated air guns. Whether you want a lever action or bolt action, a .22 or other caliber repeater with a rotary clip that hold 4 pellets, 12 or some number in between I have the best magazine fed repeating air gun for you at cheap discount price you can afford. If you have any questions about any of my bolt or lever action repeating airguns please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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