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Get a Quiet, Accurate Airgun made for Target Shooting by Buying a Top Rated Lever or Bolt Action 8-12 Shot CO2 Pellet Rifle. I offer the Best .177 and .22 Caliber Repeating CO2 Powered Lever and Bolt Action Air Rifles at the Lowest Possible Sales Prices with Free Ground Shipping.

If you are serious about target shooting you need a serious airgun. You want a precision top rated pellet rifle, (not a toy bb gun) that is quiet, accurate, powerful and well made. However, if you are not going to use your pellet rifle for hunting or pest control you do not need to spend the money on the most high powered pellet rifles. .177 and .22 caliber lever and bolt action CO2 pellet rifles are some of the best airguns for serious target shooters. Lever and bolt action CO2 air rifles are repeaters that fire 8-12 .177 or .22 cal pellets before having to be reloaded. Unlike cheap toy bb guns for sale, the best CO2 powered lever and bolt action pellet rifles are made from durable materials, such as wood and metal instead of cheap plastics, are powerful, extremely accurate, and quiet. They are also typically much less expensive then the most high powered lever and bolt action pellet rifle repeaters.
Lever and bolt action CO2 powered air rifles are loaded with rotary clips or magazines that hold 8-12 .177 or .22 caliber pellets.  Once the airgun is loaded and the safety has been turned off, the repeating CO2 pellet rifle is ready to be fired. Pulling the trigger opens the air valve, releasing a burst of pressurized CO2 gas that propels the .177 or .22 caliber pellet towards the target with power, precision and accuracy. After firing the pellet, using the lever or bolt action will cycle the rotary clip and load the next shot. You are able to continue this process and fire at your own pace until emptying the 8-12 pellet clip. Bolt and lever action CO2 air rifle repeaters can be fired very rapidly or slowly and deliberately. This gives you the flexibility to have fun and fire lots of pellets quickly or take your time. For anyone looking for a quiet, accurate, well made precision airgun, made for target shooting a top rated repeating .177 or .22 caliber lever or bolt action CO2 powered pellet rifle is a great choice.

At my online airguns store I offer top rated .177 and .22 caliber lever and bolt action CO2 powered pellet rifles at the best sales prices.  The repeating CO2 air rifles we have for sale are all made by the industries best manufactures, are quiet, accurate and priced fairly. Regardless of your budget I have a 8-12 shot lever or bolt action repeating CO2 pellet rifle perfect for you. Being an online based high powered airguns store I do not have massive overhead of traditional stores. These savings, along with my dedication to providing top rated air guns at the lowest possible prices allows me to offer the best .177 and .22 caliber lever and bolt action CO2 pellet rifles at cheap discount sales prices with free ground shipping.  I also provide detailed product descriptions and pictures to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best repeating CO2 powered lever and bolt action air rifle for you. 

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