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Get a Powerful and Fast Firing Airgun Perfect for Hunting and Pest Control by Buying a High Powered Lever or Bolt Action PCP Repeating Pellet Gun. I offer a Great Selection of the Best Magazine Fed Bolt and Lever Action PCP Air Guns at Everyday Discount Sales Prices.

When hunting and controlling you pests you need an air gun with both power and speed. Being able to fire multiple pellets quickly without having to reload will allow you to take down multiple pests at once as well as allow multiple opportunities when hunting. When your air gun can only fire one pellet at time if you miss or have multiple targets by the time you reload they will have scurried away. If you have speed, but your air gun lacks the power to take down your target the speed does nothing for you. Magazine fed lever and bolt action PCP repeaters give you the best both worlds. Bolt and lever action PCP pellet air guns are extremely high powered. PCP airguns are the most powerful pellet guns you can buy, and are made specifically for hunting and pest control. Lever and bolt action PCP air guns are repeaters that allow you to fire multiple pellets extremely quickly without having to reload giving you the power and speed you need to take down multiple pests, or possibly get a second a chance if you miss with your first shot.

Bolt and lever action PCP repeaters are magazine fed with a rotary clip that typically hold 6-12 pellets. Once you have loaded the loaded rotary clip into the high powered repeating PCP airgun and fire the first pellet you simply use the lever or bolt action to move the next pellet into place. Pulling the dual action trigger will open the PCP air valve propelling the pellet at an extremely high powered velocity. Releasing the trigger will close and reset the air valve. You are able to continue firing pellets by pulling and releasing the trigger and then using the lever or bolt action until you have run out pellets. With the best magazine fed lever and bolt action PCP airgun repeaters you are able to fire one pellet after another in less than a second!

At my high powered air guns store I offer a huge selection of the best lever and bolt action PCP repeaters at everyday cheap discount sales prices. No matter what type or caliber of fast shooting high powered bolt or lever action PCP pellet gun you are looking for I have the best magazine fed repeating airgun for you at a discount sales price you can afford. I also provide excellent information, an easy to navigate site, secure checkout and free shipping in the continental USA. I make it easy and affordable for you to get the high powered fast firing lever or bolt action PCP pellet gun you need for hunting and pest control. If you have any questions or need any help find the best magazine fed repeating PCP airgun for your needs please let me know and I will be more than happy to expertly assist you. 

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