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Get a High Performance German made Adult Airgun for Pest Control and Hunting, Buying a RWS Diana Air Rifle. I offer RWS Diana Magnum Air Rifles and other .177, .22 and .25 Caliber RWS Diana Pellet Guns, at the Best Online Sales Prices, with Free Continental US Ground Shipping!

If you are buying an air rifle for hunting or pest control it is important that it is powerful, accurate and consistent. There is a huge difference between a toy bb gun for sale and a precision high performance adult pellet rifle, used for hunting, pest control and serious long range target practice. Cheap air rifles are cheap for a reason. They are not going to provide the performance you need or warranty you want. They lack the power, speed, precision and accuracy needed for hunting and pest control, are inconsistent at best and break easily. Spending a bit more upfront on a premium German made high performance adult air rifle such as an RWS Diana Magnum or other .177, .22 or .25 caliber RWS Diana pellet gun for sale will ensure you get the power, precision and accuracy you need and not waste money replacing cheap airguns. For several decades now RWS Diana has set the benchmark for small game hunting and pest control air rifles. Like many of the top airgun manufactures, RWS and Diana are German companies, who manufacture their premium pellet guns in Germany, using the best materials and latest technology. RWS and RWS Diana pellet rifles are known worldwide for their high quality German manufacturing and top notch lifetime warranties which cover all RWS and RWS Diana air guns against any defect in workmanship and materials for the life of the pellet gun! The RWS Diana Magnum and any other RWS .22, .25 or .177 caliber air rifle is going to take your pest control, small game hunting and even target shooting to the next level!

A common and understandable misconception (due to their long standing relationship and popular high performance adult air rifles, such as the RWS Diana Magnum) is that RWS and Diana are the same company. However, RWS and Diana are two separate German companies that partnered together to manufacture some of the best, most powerful, high performance adult air rifles in the world.  RWS pellet guns are a division of RUAG AmmoTec GmbH of Germany. While Diana's real name is Dianawerk GmbH & CO. KG, Mayer & Grammelspacher. Diana though is shorter, easier to say and remember and is what appears on their air rifles. Diana opened its first pellet rifle manufacturing plant in 1890! That is over 120 years of manufacturing some of the world’s best high performance German airguns! During WWII the Nazi's forced Diana airguns to produce Mauser's for the Germans. After the war everything was sold off or destroyed. Milbro of England bought the majority of Diana’s machinery and made Milbro air rifles in Scotland.  Some of these Milbro air rifles for sale back then were called Diana, but they never really caught on and lacked the German quality. When Diana finally got started up again in German in the 1960’s they started making pellet rifles for other German airgun manufactures. This is when you see your first RWS Diana air rifle crossovers for sale.

Diana has also made high performance adult air rifles for Beeman and Winchester. Diana and RWS however have a much longer partnership and RWS sells only air rifles manufactured by Diana. RWS Diana pellet rifles are also extremely well known. Back in 2000 the Magnum RWS Diana was first introduced. The RWS Diana Magnum air rifle line is the strongest long range pellet rifles for sale producing over 1246 FPS! There are many variations of the powerful RWS Diana Mangum for sale today available in .177, .22 and .25 caliber. Whether you buy a Magnum or other RWS Diana air rifle it is going to be powerful, accurate, have their amazing lifetime warranty and be one the best pest control, hunting or target shooting air rifles you can buy. The other great thing about RWS Diana pellet rifles is they make them in a variety of power sources as well as .177, .22 and .25 calibers so no matter what type of animal or pest you are going to be hunting they have the best high performance adult airgun for you.

At my online airguns stores, I offer the full line of the top rated RWS Diana pellet rifles at the best possible online sales prices. Whether looking for the magnum or any other RWS Diana air rifle you will find it here in the caliber and power source you want. I also make my RWS Diana air rifles very easy to find by splitting them into power plant based categories and providing detailed product information and pictures. No matter what type of hunting or pest control you are going to be doing, the magnum or other .177, .22 or .25 caliber RWS Diana air rifle you are looking, I have the best high performance RWS Diana adult pellet gun for you and make it easy and affordable to buy. Premium RWS Diana air rifles for sale are never going to be cheap. However, being an online based airguns store I do not have nearly the amount of overhead when compared to traditional brick and mortar pellet gun stores. This allows me to offer the RWS Diana Magnums and other German made RWS Diana air rifles at the best possible online sales prices with Free Shipping in the Continental US!

If you have any questions or need any help finding the best Magnum or other premium German made RWS Diana .177 , .22 or .25 air rifles on sale for you, please send me an email and I will be happy to help.

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