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Get an Consistent, Accurate and Affordable BB or Pellet Rifle for 10 Meter Competition or Fun Target Shooting, Buying a Single-Stoke Action (One Pump ) Pneumatic Air Rifle. I offer the Best Single Pump BB and Pellet Air Rifles, at Cheap Online Sales Prices with Free Continental US Ground Shipping.

When target shooting, especially competitive 10 meter Olympic style tournaments, it is important that your pellets or bbs are fired at a consistent trajectory. When pellets and bbs do not have consistent power and trajectory it is impossible to be accurate no matter how good of shooter you are. Many of the top rated air rifles for target shooting use some sort of external power source that needs to be refilled to keep the pellets or bbs flight consistent. These types of high powered competition air rifles are also often extremely expensive. Whether you enjoy targeting shooing in your backyard, have a child or you yourself are getting into 10 meter Olympic style competition shooting a single pump air rifle is a great choice. Single stroke pneumatic bb and pellet rifles for sale require only one pump and they are ready. A single pump action fills the single stroke bb or pellet rifle’s reservoir with powerful high pressure air and is ready to be fired, once the safety is take off. Pulling the trigger opens the air valve and releases the high pressure air, propelling the pellet or bb with a consistent velocity and trajectory towards your target with each shot. After firing the first .177 caliber pellet or bb, simply pump the single stroke pneumatic rifle once more to re-fill the airgun’s onboard reservoir to ready the next shot.

Single pump action air rifles for sale are some of the best target shooting and 10 meter competition air rifles, because of how consistent they are. You never have to worry about the cartridge releasing more or less high pressure air than normal or running low. You also do not have to remember how many pumps you have already done or the number of pumps best for the range you are shooting from. Single stroke pneumatic pellet and bb rifles fill with nearly the exact same amount of air each time they are pumped, so you know exactly how that pellet or bb is going to fly. The other great thing about single pump air rifles are they are relatively cheap when compared to other bb and pellet guns of similar class and ability. You also don’t have to spend money on replacing cartridges or expensive pumps. Buying the best single pump action air rifle you are going to save money and know exactly how each pellet or bb is going to fly, allowing you or your kid to be more accurate. Buying a single stroke pneumatic one pump air rifle for kids and beginner competition shooters is also a good idea, because it allows them to learn and get comfortable shooting, before spending a ton of money on a high end European style competition airgun.

Here, at my online airgun’s store I offer the best single pump action bb and pellet rifles for sale at cheap discount prices. Whether you are looking for an affordable high powered, precision one pump air rifle for 10 meter Olympic competition or just want a relatively cheap and fun to shoot airgun for killing cans in the backyard, I have the best single-stroke pneumatic air rifle for you, at cheap discount sales price you can afford. Being a family owned online airgun’s store I do not have the overhead of traditional brick and mortar stores and larger online dealers, which are mostly just order taking sites without any real information or support. These savings allow me to offer the best, highest powered and most accurate one pump .177 caliber pellet and bb rifles, at everyday cheap discount sales prices. I also provide detailed product descriptions and high quality pictures to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best single-stroke action air rifle for you or your 10 meter competition shooting Jr. And if you have any questions about any of my one pump pellet or bb rifles, please send me an email and I will be happy to help.

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